The Catholic church is plagued with pedophiles
And sodomy of children committed by clergy

This is also a main tenet of Satanism
So it is clear who is really running the Catholic church and Vatican City

Those involved in Satanism directly connect and communicate
With an array of alien entities
Who condone the practice of and participate in the ritual murder
And cannibalism of human babies

The majority of humans condone and support the murder of animal babies
By their purchasing and consumption of animal products

Animals are pumped full of hormones
So that they grow as quickly as possible
So that they can be trucked off to the slaughterhouse while still very young
For maximum profit

The real motive of the practice of animal sacrifice in the Old Testament
Was not to appease an angry and vengeful god

It was to produce loosh or soul energy of fear and pain
That is released by the innocent and vulnerable victim

During the sacrifice demonic forces were called upon
Who repaid the priests with wealth and power
For supplying them with negative energy
Which they need as sustenance to survive in this realm

These beings are multi dimensional
Capable of existing in the earth realm in a 3D body

That is the reason behind the obsession with cloning
Which is being done in secret underground

And stealing human DNA for modification
So that they have more access to consciousness fields
And to freely roam through portals

They cannot cellularly transmit their body to this realm
Without human genetics

They despise the fact that humans possess the eternal spark of light in their DNA template
And at the same time covet it

This is also why humans who have an attachment to entities
Or who are fully possessed
Are addicted to human hormones in the blood
Which is called adrenochrome

The earth is now being used as a prison farm
For creating loosh for predatorial parasites

The negative alien agenda
Has created a death culture!