Death is only the transformation of energy
And rebirth into another stage of consciousness

Resulting from how we have utilized energy in this life

As we move into various portals of change
We move into other dimensions of reality

We create our own timelines
Through our operation of the laws of cause and effect

We have our own energetic signature
Our own vibration with unique octave
That determines our manifestation

Our own vibration is amplified
When stimulated by a similar or compatible resonant frequency

This is how friendships endure
And why couples yearn to be together
Because of their vibrational correspondence

And it is ultimately the reason for the distinction
In manifestation of astral realms

The Law of Attraction has to do with intent
It is intent that determines our vibration and mirrors our reality

The path though of opening our heart mind interaction
Can be a hard fought mental alchemy
Letting go of fear and the negative ego
Overcoming childhood environmental conditioning

The challenges and obstacles extend from other humans to non humans
And even stellar alignments

When we embrace the Golden Rule
Treating others as we would like to be treated
We connect more readily to higher influences

Animals qualify as others

And when we genuinely seek guidance from higher spiritual forces
It will result in a response

Because our connection at first might be weak
The message will be regulated to timing and location

The higher we go the more our purpose is revealed
And we are filled with inspiration and awe
Of the magnificence of creation!