Our inner light manifests through guided energetic purpose
That harmoniously interacts with the resonance of all creatures

When intent is to harm we shut off our inner light
And decrease our protection against infiltration of miasmatic patterns

We are eternal living sentience by divine intelligent design
Claim your sacred inheritance

Everything happens for a reason
Numbers become geometry in the matrix of the quantum field

When you repeatedly see a series of ones
The universe is showing you an opening will soon appear
Because your vibration is matching it

9 means the completion of some facet of a current affair
7 is power or the positive summation of events
6 means you will be directed through serendipity to a location or an individual
A 3 and 5 combination means you are on the right path

In the quantum field all is possible
Because you are the creator and you are the field
Our realm is the unfolding of mathematical constructs

We are units of consciousness that can ascend
Throughout the timelines of dimensional wave spectrums
That are being transmitted by the Universal Source Field!