Follow your passion
It is your true self of your higher consciousness

Stay on higher thankful frequencies
And the quantum structure will give you everything you need

Know that everything you need exists
But you have to believe it to see it

Doubt will drop you into a negative reality

Every vibration has a geometric sequence code
When you hold the positive
You create the momentum of a timeline with a positive outcome

Even if someone is being negative project a positive vibration
By staying in balance you will transmit into the quantum field
The momentum of what you want

Higher frequencies vibrate in positive realities

You exist in an infinite number of parallel realities simultaneously
You only experience the ones you vibrate with
Be aware of your frequency
And know where you are at in the quantum field

By imagining over and over the positive realities that you want
You pull out of a negative timeline
And you neutralize yourself to opposing frequencies

See yourself as an actor portraying a positive character
Then say Action
By doing so you put yourself in a position of power

We are the creator and each of us chooses our outcome

By matching your vibration with the one you want to manifest
You will eventually crystallize yourself in a positive timeline

What others predict or wish to manifest does not have to be your truth
Let go of your sorrow
Do not put into the field conditions or demand expectations

You switch channels to the show you want to watch with your frequency

Your frequency becomes light plasma
Projected into the quantum field

Dream this dream awake

You are the field structure
You are the manifestation
You are a universe!