The earth plane is a consciousness with a resonance
Our collective consciousness affects the vibration of the earth
And leaks into other realms
Because everything is connected

That is why ETs are now involved in the raising of our consciousness
Humanity was hijacked
We were blinded by lies and deception

We are also bombarded with chemicals
That lower the vibration of our energetic field

In order for us to hold the new consciousness
We have to be a clean vessel
So detox is very important

The mind is a multi dimensional radio receiver
It needs proper antennae to tune into the correct frequency
And pick up the broadcast

With our pineal gland we project sonic imprints
That become vibrations of geometry
Which imprints geometric holograms of new live structures into the field

The new earth will transform our physical body with a brand new resonance
The incoming plasma will allow some to become breatharians
To exist in a harmonious relationship with all life forms

Whatever condition your soul is in will be amplified
If you are in a high vibration you will become even more spiritual
The eternal flow will rewrite our DNA

Do not let negative fractals of other holograms determine your reality
Do not broadcast a person you do not want to be like

When you talk about it you tune into it
Words have frequencies which become algorithmic quantum designs

Be a star and shine life giving energy!