Sexuality is about combining kundalini coding and DNA coding
When you unite with someone you take part of their codes
Which are template scalar wave patterns

The stimulated rapid activation of each others gene codes
Will cause them to progressively and synchronistically work their way into ascension together
And they will end up where their coding takes them

The sexual intercourse of twin flames makes them very powerful
And gives them the ability to anchor down their personal Merkabah

The Merkabah is an electromagnetic field of spiraling rotating kundalini currents
That are in the shape of star tetrahedrons
These electrical currents create reality fields

A powerful Merkabah torus will allow the passage through stargates without being fried
This type of aura is called the Maharic Seal
The Maharic Seal is a plug in for 6d frequencies to come and synthesize

Merged twin flames will create immunity to the coming grid acceleration
When the grid speed is amplified many will not make it
Because their bodies cannot hold enough frequency

The separation of twin flames creates a very deep pain inside
Because they share some of the same DNA templates

When they do not ever meet bonding in the astral fields takes place
The female has a magnetic based frequency which electrically draws the charged male

Their combined strands of DNA gives them total compatibility
And they will have an exceptionally strong bond

Twin flames are indigos with a crystal grid imprint
They have anywhere from 24-48 DNA strands
Their lovemaking is the final activation to go to the next level

When an indigo DNA template gets contaminated
They will get a frequency that does not feel right

Only in this last life time before the epoch ending cycle occurs
Are twin flames supposed to meet
If they do it will be love at first sight!