The new wave is beginning to roll over us
It is unlocking dormant DNA

As plasma fills our being we will grow younger and have more vitality
Our off the scale potential will start to be realized

When at a higher vibration our triad
Which is the gut heart and brain
Will interact more vibrantly making us smarter and more aware

We will take on our original crystalline structure
Causing us to be lighter and brighter
Enabling us to bilocate and levitate

We will talk with our thoughts
Not only to each other but to animals
And we will expand our circle of compassion to other species

We will activate our inner divine strength
And open portals through our frequencies

Skeksis in the Dark Crystal lived in a world of entropy
He cheated death by being in a world of life and abundance

Ebrew or Hebrew means a world of life

Superman escaped a dying world
And got his powers from crystals

We will no longer merge with a reality
Based on a narrative of someone elses sequence

We will recognize our true value
And our blueprint will be energized

Nature will once again flourish
Nature helps keep us connected to our innate ability

We will have increased levels of oxytocin serotonin and dopamine
Making us feeling happy and connected

But the embedded smart phone cometh
And it will hook you up to the artificial reality

Putting you under a spell
And you will be an experiment gone awry

Radium was used as a cure all
It regenerates cells and restores youth

Radium was mined extensively to sustain eternal life
But has been outlawed

Seduction of the eyes is an impressive tool
If used properly they will elicit the exact response
You want from anyone!