Good aliens and bad aliens
I for one will not pretend to know exactly what in the hell is going on up there

But I do know there is a spiritual battle taking place
For our emotional energy that we quantumly project

And that there is a program of hybridization
That is taking place with humans of certain genetic make ups

My experience has been with very tall human looking beings
As opposed to the Grey aliens who seem to be the most encountered

The good aliens want to expand your power
While the bad aliens want to turn you into a cyborg
And connect you to the 3D AI through the Cloud

When human females through soul agreements are taken for hybridization
Their 6th density energy which appears during orgasm is captured
To create the higher vibrational template that is desired

During climax of the female the vibrational capacity is extracted
To convey 6th density frequencies

When the higher energy centers of these women are opened
Their hybrid children will vibrate with an ephemeral ecstasy

To get women to this state requires an actual sexual encounter

Their fears are alleviated
And their primal sexual desires are magnified
So that they are eager to comply

The babies grow in the uterus for a month
Then are put in a test tube

Hybrids will have a cosmic charge!