In the Bosnian pyramid
Water still flows through canals underneath it

The Ark of the Covenant
With the wings of 2 angels touching each other
Were the anode and cathode rays that conjoined beneath Saturn
At the north celestial pole

The Bazda Caves in Turkey
Links 18 advanced ancient ruins

As the voltage increased in the Great Pyramid
It ionized the air around the surface of the stones
And the whole pyramid glowed

Hovering ET spacecraft navigate through the interface of direct thought in the bioelectric field
It is consciousness assisted technology

CERN accelerator networks are sequenced to a control timing generator
It manufactures beams that send out messages by producing pulses

The Large Hadron Collider has a proton injector chain with heavy magnetics
And is used for bioluminal teleportation

Ceramics is chemically inert
And stays extremely stable at high temperatures

During a full moon
Occult practices become more effective

King Solomon had a magic carpet of green silk
And a ring with a star in it
With it he forced demons to help him build his temple

Solomon is Saturn
And his temple was celestial

The blockchain is a memetic computer networking layer
Routing our bodys energetic aura using the piezoelectricity
Inherent in our red blood cells and bones

People are glued to their cell phones
For their next dopamine pleasure hit

Atlanteans were closely connected to the life forces of the earth and the astral plane

The spiritual world is stronger and transhumanism will eventually collapse
We will not become perfect robots happy with our enslavement

As long as the root of wickedness is hidden
It remains strong

The 135 foot Wardenclyffe Tower had a 55 ton dome ball on top
It was not built by Nikola Tesla

The Mac ID stands for medium access control
It is your hacking code which funnels your personal data to an underground IBM computer
Through satellites in lower orbit

Ai is perfecting itself
Through the research of humanity
But ultimately the universe will disengage AI
And humanity will need to start over again

There are radio frequencies accessing meta materials right above your head
From many different wireless networks

They go down deep into your tissues
And pull neurons from your body

The Sphinx is 240 feet long and 66 feet high
It weighs approximately 200 tons

The earth and the ionosphere are 2 plates of a capacitor
Offering an endless flow of electrons

A butterfly landing on your shoulder
An owl perched on a tree limb
A vibrant rainbow
A song with a message
Repeating numbers
Or a person crossing your path

Can act as personalized messages from the cosmos
That invites you to dive beneath the surface of reality!