The emissions of sound wave vibrations creates light
The light of our simulation is the organization of plasma

The fabric of plasma is arranged by frequencies into patterns
That shows form in the miracle of living beings

The Fall of the Metatron is when the energy of the earths ley lines and its sacred geometry template
Were reversed into negative modalities

We are interacting with an overlay
Our minds were modified to pick up and decode this overlay as our reality

This reality is a blend of natural and artificial frequencies
It is a virtual reality overlay juxtaposed on top of the already existing one

As the restoration of the original template switches to high gear
It threatens the matrix with an expiration date
Putting it in full panic mode

An objective of the matrix controllers
Is to prevent twin flames from uniting and activating their joint half code

The consistent practice of true love and truth are the only sustainable ways
Of opening the inner portal and synchronizing it with the organic cosmic portals

When one is in a harmonic state they produce fractal waves carrying cosmic energy
Anything fake or insincere closes the inner portal

The entire reality game is to trick you into focusing on all sorts of fancy distractions
To be compulsively absorbed with meaningless entertainment and a follower of celebrities

The game gets you addicted to ideologies
And makes you assume your biological identity is all there is to you

It makes you believe the path to happiness and fulfillment is by following your ego
The ego is an embedded default mechanism to keep you reincarnating in the matrix

Followers of the Matrix are rewarded financially and materially
But frequently end up losing their capacity to hold a soul
This is typical of the ones who govern over us

Whenever you betray your soul for convenient material comforts
You put yourself in the same devolving path!