X is being symbolically used for the disconnection of the human heart
X men X box X space X mas and planet X

It is the exodus of the human heart
Where humans are programmed to clap and obey
To download their next app and forever stay

Just like in war where humans follow an introduced narrative
And through programming kill each other

The parasites are trying to fully integrate their vibration into our world
These reptilian entities need maybe 500 million humans
To keep their mainframe energized and their false matrix fueled

500 million was the number on the Georgia Guidestones

Masks only increase the toxicity in your lungs by limiting the intake of fresh oxygen
Oxygen has needed electrons for our bioelectric bodies

When we are hit by the high energy radiation from cell phone towers
We experience a corona discharge on a cellular level

Grounding into the earth is an essential mechanism for the gathering of electrons
It keeps the electric wiring of our meridian systems working optimally
When we realign with the earth we harmonize ourselves and return to balance

Cows sheep pigs and chickens have all been genetically modified
We were brainwashed into eating them
By saying we need their protein

Eating animals gives us a low vibration and is the cause of numerous health problems

Our DNA programs the proteins it creates
With the amino acids that it makes and which it gets from plants

The proteins that the DNA programs with its RNA software to combat toxification are called exosomes
Exosomes clean out emitted excretions of injured cells that are trying to purify themselves

The reason why moons are also called satellites is because they are satellites
The scorched earth and the ruined pillars that once supported elaborate edifices
Are from the high energy laser rays of the artificial moon

Rivers flow through channels that were created by high energy laser technology
The Grand Canyon is just one example

We are participants in the divine orchestra of existence
Thought patterns generated by our consciousness create holograms
And establish the basis for their actual manifestation

Imagine a world of love
If enough people do
It will appear in our earth plane!