Do you really think billions of people are standing upside down on a round planet while the planet is spinning at 1,000 m/p/h?
Do you really think the Earth along with the sun and planets are racing through the galaxy at 43,000 m/p/h?
Do you really think the galaxy is racing through the universe at 1.3 million m/p/h?
Does that even begin to make sense?
Why doesn’t all the water in the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers just fly off as the world spins?
Because of this invisible magic force called gravity?
If a force is strong enough to keep countless trillions of gallons of water on the surface of a spinning globe it would squash all life in the process!

Why do pilots never take into consideration the curvature of the Earth?
Every 5 minutes airplanes should dip down to stay within the curvature or else they would fly straight off into space.
Why don’t the pilots, flight attendants and passengers ever see the curvature of the Earth?
Concord jets fly at 42,000 feet. Still no curvature is seen.
And if the earth is spinning at 1000 m/p/h and the airplane is only going at 520 m/p/h at top speed how can the airplane ever reach it’s destination?
For that matter how do birds and insects manage to fly in the same area with the Earth underneath them spinning so fast?
The spin and the presumed speeding through the galaxy should also create a tremendous wind.

Flying from Africa to Australia or from South America to New Zealand sometimes takes up to 40 hours.
If the Earth was a globe with continents congregated around a circular bottom it should only take about 10 to 15 hours.
The only reason you think we live on a globe is because you have been told that.
We have been programmed to view the idea of a flat Earth as the epitome of lunacy.
The Donyang-Kunshan bridge in China is the world’s longest bridge at 102.4 miles.
With the world’s curvature there should be a 72 inch drop every 3 miles.
So this bridge should have a 7000 foot curvature drop but it is built according to a flat horizon.
The Nile River flows over 4,000 miles northward against the supposed curvature of the earth.
Every 31 miles it should dip down approximately 600 feet because of the curved Earth.
But instead it remains horizontal on a flat motionless plain.
Boats do not disappear over the horizon.
They just go beyond the reach of your eyesight.
Just get out a telescope or binoculars or use the zoom lens on your camera and the boat will immediately come back into view.
When someone shoots a gun, a laser or a missile neither the curvature of the Earth nor it’s spin is taken into account.
That is because we live on a flat motionless world.
Surveyors do not take into account curvature.
Balloons have been sent up to 128,000 feet with cameras installed and still no curvature.
Rockets have been sent up to the surrounding plasma sheath or magnetosphere and the horizon remains flat all around.

The only ones who have seen a round Earth are the liars at NASA.
All the pictures of a globe earth are produced by NASA and are computer generated or drawn by an artist.
When studied these pictures are easily ascertained as fakes.
One popular picture of an earth globe has the word SEX hidden in the clouds.
NASA was created to deceive the public.
In Hebrew the very word Nasa means to mislead, trick or fool someone for the intention of swindling, cheating or defrauding them.
The purpose of NASA was not only to rob the treasury of billions of dollars for clandestine projects.
But to keep the outer lands beyond the ice barrier of Antarctica a secret.
The space race was when the world government continued to discover more islands and continents beyond this wall of ice while keeping us all occupied with the idea of a spinning globe hurling through space.
If no one ever told you the world was round then you would never think it was by your own inspection.
You would never think it was a spinning ball.
The whole space program was made to deceive you while hiding untold newly discovered lands.

You can never find a real picture of Antarctica on Google Maps.
Just pictures of a big ice wall.
Very ancient maps show a flat earth with an ice ring surrounding it and having some gateways or openings in the wall.
In the time of Columbus everyone knew the Earth was flat.
The argument was how far it extended outward.
Columbus, Sir Thomas Aquinas and Roger Bacon were all part of the upper peerage and helped expound the idea of a spinning globe.
As did Immanuel Kant, William Herschel and Pierre-Simon Laplace.
They formulated their own versions attempting to justify the new impossible solar astronomy.
As countries were conquered the idea of a spinning globe was forced upon the citizenry.

Copernicus was also a part of the peerage but he was a follower of the Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy.
Ptolemy taught the Geocentric model in which Earth is the center and is motionless while all the other heavenly bodies move in complicated patterns around the Earth.
A hundred years later in 1600 the Italian astronomer Giordano Bruno refused to accept the new phony science and was burned at the stake!
The great Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe taught that the Earth was motionless and fixed at the center with the sun and stars moving around the Earth while the planets revolved around the sun.
He was poisoned and as a result died.
Many believe it was Johannes Kepler who poisoned him.
Kepler took over Brahe’s observatory and promoted the heliocentric model.
Galileo liked the Copernican view which was based on the Ptolemaic idea of a Geocentric world.
But he was forbidden to discuss it and lost his university professorship and effectively muzzled.
Sir Isaac Newton, besides being paid to promote the false theory of evolution was paid to promote the false notion of gravity.
The reason things fall is not because of an invisible force it is because they are more dense than air.

In 1773 Captain Cook sailed 60,000 miles around the entire outer ice wall of the Antarctic coastline looking for an inlet or path through the massive glacier wall.
It took him and his crew 2 voyages lasting 3 years to accomplish it.
They suffered 8 casualties.
In 1800 James Weddell and in 1839 James Clark Ross went out to explore Antarctica looking for a passageway through the ice.
In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s exploration picked up as explorers such as Robert Peary, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott and Colonel B. Woodward tried to navigate through the ice wall and investigate the other side.
Another explorer named John Abizaid wrote a book in 1912 entitled The Enlightenment of the World showing that we live on a level plane and not a round planet.

In the 1920’s with the advent of air flight everything changed.
Hubert Wilkins started flying into Antarctica on exploratory flights.
From 1928 to 1956 it was the Admiral Richard Byrd show.
He conducted numerous flights over the ice wall into Antarctica and made many surprising discoveries.
But he had a tendency to talk a little too much.
On a TV show in the 1950’s he admitted that “Beyond the pole on the other side of the South Pole there is a continent which no human has set foot in”.
Pictures were taken in Antarctica of dry land and fresh water lakes.
But it is preached now that Antarctica is nothing but an ice sheet over a mile thick.
Another amazing thing that Admiral Byrd said is that there is an advanced adversary in Antarctica with the ability to fly from pole to pole in a few hours.
So in 1946 and 1947 there was Operation High Jump.
It was called that because it involved going over the huge ice wall.
It had unlimited funding.
Admiral Byrd was to retrieve 2 saucer shaped disks that he had spotted in a previous mission and if possible to capture any personnel associated with them.
It was a massive military operation with an aircraft carrier carrying many planes accompanied by several battleships, a submarine and 20 supply ships.
Byrd had an entourage of about 4000 troops.
All this multitude was escorted with a Russian contingent.
After 8 weeks they were totally defeated and suffered numerous casualties along with many downed planes and sunken ships.
The overwhelmed fleet limped back home.
If this story is factual there is advanced civilization beyond the ice wall!
Starting in 1955 Operation Deep Freeze commenced.
A series of military bases were built on outer islands in close proximity to the ice wall and on the Antarctic land mass that sticks out on this side of the ice wall.
In 1962 was Operation Fish Bowl.
This was when missiles and rockets were sent up to try and blast a hole through the newly discovered Van Allen Belts.
These are highly charged areas that start less than a few hundred miles up.
When it was realized how super deadly these highly charged areas are and that they could not be penetrated it was then realized space travel was impossible.

Antarctica literally screams go away.
It is not a comfortable weekend trip.
The ice ring goes up to 14,000 feet in some places.
Not only is it a steep barrier but if you get up there you would have to deal with altitude sickness which starts at about 7,000 feet.
It is freezing cold and there is nothing but ice until you go much farther in.
One also would easily lose their direction.
Compasses only point towards the North.
That is because there is no South Pole.
And there is no GPS system in Antarctica either.
GPS is not satellite based.
They operate from towers and through cables.
Satellites are another NASA lie.

In 1959 the Antarctic Treaty was formulated.
It has now been signed by all countries.
No Corporation is allowed in Antarctica and it is forbidden for them to even suggest going there.
Admiral Byrd said there is an abundance of minerals in Antarctica.
Now a days corporations can frack or dig pits just about anywhere they want.
It is just a matter of bribing land owners or greasing the hands of politicians with enough money.
They could make billions of dollars in Antarctica.
But the elite do not want people infiltrating the interior.
No civilian is allowed to go there or fly inland.
They have expensive tours where you can go to an outer island or to the finger of Antarctica which extends on this side of the ice wall.
No private boat is allowed to go beyond the 60th Parallel which is about 5 degrees beyond Cape Horn and the tip of South America.
As mentioned military bases are strategically positioned around the circle of ice on little islands to keep people out.
The outer fringe is permafrost so people think there is nothing left to see.
Clouded under the banner of science the public is allowed only very expensive, sequestered and quarantined visits under military escort to the outer peninsula or an outer island.
The elite are keeping these hidden lands on the other side of the ice wall all to themselves.
Spreading their lineages far and wide while trapping us with a belief of a small round globe.

The United Nations Flag has the North Pole in the center.
Countries on this flag are displayed projecting outward.
This is called the Azimuthal Equidistance.
On the flag the countries are surrounded by two wreaths representing the ice wall of Antarctica.
Those who control the world have a flat earth map as their logo.
Are the elite building palaces in a wondrous land that they are keeping all for themselves?
Are we being kept in the middle of a small portion of a much bigger world?
We accept the reality which we are presented with.
We are forced to dwell upon an absurdity until it becomes a fact.
We are told that up is down and down is up.
The greatest hoax that has ever been sold is one where we are conditioned to ridicule a flat earth whenever it is mentioned.

The known universe revolves around a center vortex or axis mundi that is located at the North Magnetic Pole.
The sun is not 93 million miles away. It is about the size of the moon and it locally illuminates us.
The Earth does not circle around the sun.
The sun does not go down below the horizon but circles around over us. The sun and the moon circle above us in different orbits. The reason for the seasons is that the circle of the sun drifts south and north every year.
Our world does not spin.
The stars and the constellations are close and are not millions of light years away.

Shooting stars never vertically travel upward from the horizon.
If we lived on a globe they would come in all directions.

The farthest down we have dug is 8 miles.
We do not know what is below us.

The supposed Coriolis Effect states that the Earth is spinning 1000 m/p/h at the equator and 0 m/p/h at the poles.
This supposedly causes water to drain in different directions in the separate hemispheres.
It is not true.
The course of the draining water depends on other factors such as how the water is directed into the basin.

The ice walls may be on mountain ranges.
No one can sail off the edge of the Earth because we are surrounded by massive ice barriers.
No one has ever crossed over Antarctica and come out on the other side of the globe.
They have to turn around.
Admiral Byrd would fly about 750 miles past the ice wall until he had to turn around and come back the way he came.
There is a continent on the other side of the ice wall called Admiral Byrd Land.
There is another continent there named after the explorer J. Barrington called Barrington Land.
Because it encircles our inner area the next expanse is much larger and contains many more continents than the seven we have.
And on the other side of our immediate ice wall is another ocean surrounded by another ice wall.
We once had an ice wall in the Arctic region creating the so called ice ages.
Each wall has passages.
Some are artificial tunnels as high as the Eiffel Tower.
The gateways in the ice wall have been sealed off to these outer places.

After an indeterminate number of ice rings surrounding an indeterminate number of oceans containing an indeterminate number of land masses you reach the outer periphery.
What is beyond this outer most boundary?
It is probably darkness.

Maybe we are part of a big science experiment where each world has it’s own frequency.
In order to change worlds we have to change our vibration.
Or maybe we change worlds in order to change or raise our vibration.

Our consciousness is like a computer chip on a gigantic computer grid and we are passing information around on the platform.

Or maybe we are inside the mind of what we would call a Supreme Being.
The sun and planets are like cells and we are like bacteria.

The sun, planets and their moons are charged bodies like sub atomic particles but on a vastly larger scale.
Just as electrons, protons and neutrons exchange electrical energy with each other and their surroundings which affects their motions and orbits.
So has the sun, planets and their moons shifted their orbits and motions in the not too distant past.

All human interaction is an exchange of electrical energy.

In a 1961 episode of Twilight Zone entitled ‘5 Characters in search of an Exit’ the cast contemplates the meaning for their existence.
They conjecture they might be dream figures in somebody else’s existence or that each of them is having a dream and everyone else is part of the other person’s dream.

We are told that it all started in a Big Bang where stars were shot off in all different directions at different speeds.
But the stars always rotate in the same fashion.
They rotate in a circle above the Earth.
The Earth is in the middle.
The ancient people were right.
They knew the Earth was flat even though the stars, the sun, the planets and moons are spherical.

Our world is like an old 33 album with grooves separating each song.
Each song is an ocean with land masses containing different suns, planets and moons revolving over them.
Each groove is an ice wall.
And maybe there are many albums with each album being another realm of consciousness.

In a planetarium the intelligently designed projections are based upon the Ptolemaic model of the Universe.
And when you walk outside of the planetarium and look up you realize that you are just in a bigger planetarium!
Built by Higher Intelligent Design!