Swords were weapons that repelled plasma attacks
In the electromagnetically charged atmosphere
The sharp tip was like a lightning rod dispersing electricity

Spiked helmets created a protective electromagnetic barrier

Steeples minimized the chance of being hit by a cosmic discharge
Because the positive charge of the lightning rod neutralized the field
So that there was no electrical build up

Brass copper rods are lightning arrestors
That will cause electricity to travel into the ground harmlessly

Evidence of our advanced former world is everywhere
But we are programmed not to view it as such

From Fort Jefferson made from millions of bricks
To the so called Roman aqueducts
The Exeter Cathedral in the UK
The Hippodrome in Istanbul Turkey
The Forbidden city in Bejing China with its 9 Dragons garden consisting of many 200 ton stone blocks
The Great Wall of China and the Wall of Nanjing
Baalbek in Lebanon with the Temple of Bacchus
Teotihuacan in Mexico
The brick buildings of Charleston South Carolina

Underneath all of our cities even the small ones
Are buried street levels with brick buildings beneath the ones above them
In other words there are buried cities beneath our cities above ground

Not only that but there are a system of tunnels beneath cities

We have been conditioned to believe in evolution
When the opposite is true

Chemical poisons have been introduced to keep us from ascending
Chemicals in hair dye go into the scalp and into the brain and bloodstream
We have been put on a diet of dead animal carcasses
Cows milk deteriorates our pituitary gland
It is a hormone disruptor or replacement hormone that leads to hormone dysfunction

Symbols of ancient apocryphal images are used to keep us in the past and in a state of trauma
Our subconscious also deciphers words backwards and see words that are contained in other words
Creating a witch language that is used by the pedophilic elite to create in us brain fog
A sentient cybernetic intelligence called AI is taking over our 3d realm seeking to synthetize humans

Truth is stranger than fiction

There are timeline wars
Where time travel is used to manipulate different realities

The people in control are not even human
They are like Agent Smith in the matrix

Keep in mind we have already won

The last ditch efforts to keep us down
Are just being played out!