The 1906 San Francisco earthquake
Should have produced a tsunami

Trees and wooden electrical poles with wires
Were not taken out
But marble stone and brick buildings were

Trolley cars were still operational

And there was an abundance of electric cars
Being driven around also

San Francisco was like a Gotham City
With huge skyscrapers
Magnificently built

It was not built by miners

San Francisco was built by a previous culture
As was other cities

The city fires in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s
Were fake

Energy weapons were used to obliterate selective buildings
Trying to hide the technologically advanced antiquity

The former residents were decimated by energy waves

And San Francisco like other cities
Were repopulated with genetically modified new arrivals
Probably with implanted memories

We are supposed to believe in Columbus

And stupid narratives of fires in each city
Cows kicking over lamps
Or a restaurant fire getting out of hand

Or a major earthquake and firestorm
That takes out marble and stone buildings
But leaves trees and wooden poles untouched

History is a lie
And the past has been fabricated!