Nano Technology.

It is kept secret and unregulated.
The particles are unbelievingly advanced and the components are astonishingly small.
Nano fibers are separately dumped down on us during chemtrail spraying.
We breathe them in. They get in our food and water and we unwillingly ingest them into our body.
Once inside of us they self replicate because the fibers contain components which construct and install nano implants.
These implants invade the blood stream and penetrate the entire vascular system.
They attach to muscles and organs.
They infiltrate the brain and interfere with the nervous system.
They bridge your synapses and encapsulate your neurons and nerve endings.
Once anchored they spread out like a bouquet grabbing on to other nano tubes.
The carbon shell of these minute polycarbonate structures are implanted with microprocessors.
After combining in your body the electrical pulses of these biochips now produce signals that can be monitored.
They become nanobots which send out and receive messages communicating with a controller through a supercomputer.
The host is unaware of what is transpiring.
But it goes much further.

Bio API – Biological Application Programming Interface

The cerebral cortex is where conscious thinking takes place and it is where neurons generate electromagnetic wave forms.
These are digitized and sent to a handler via the nano bots which have taken residence inside the brain.
This technology has advanced to the point where complete control of all body and mind functions is now possible.
Since the nano implants connect to a supercomputer the infected person is now at the mercy of whoever is running the computer.
M.I.T has a 50 million Nano Technology Institute which researches on soldiers treating them as an integrated platform system.
Reading a person’s electromagnetic patterns is not that hard.
It is analogous to reading an electron spin resonance machine.
The main command center located near Salt Lake City, Utah has hundreds of handlers competing with each other for points by predicting behavior through mapping a subject’s brain wave patterns.
This ‘telepathy’ is rewarded with bonuses and promotions to bigger projects such as psychic assassins.

Phase 1 is the stage most people are at.
In this phase implants are only partially installed.
These nano sensors function as antennae and are mainly for identification purposes.
They also provide your real time location.
As the nano filaments connect inside the brain suggestions to the subconscious takes place which will be like a brief trance.
A person might think they are having mental delusions.
Suspension of memory can also be achieved by the controller.
False realities and illusions can be created.

Phase 2 occurs when the full Bio API is activated.
This is triggered by a massive intake of synthetic nano fibers.
These fibers are now in low quality foods such as red meat, diet coke, energy drinks and hot dogs.
They are in pharmaceutical drugs.
They are in fast foods especially at places such as McDonalds.
Wal-Mart is heavily involved.
Kraft has been putting nano particulates in their food since the year 2000.
The nano fibers are in increasingly more products.
The primary target is the lower level of society.
The so-called useless eaters.
The subject initially will just hear strange sounds.
Later they will automatically obey what is being broadcast in their minds.
They will have no idea what they are doing.
They may try to fight these impulses but it will result in synapse damage.
The goal is remote control of the nerve firings and synapse response and to program the nano particulates.
Which makes the host into a synthetic surrogate who has their conscious and subconscious thoughts controlled.


Due to this unnatural activity in the brain a phase 2 person’s speech will at times becomes nonsensical or gibberish.
Other people’s normal speech will at times seem like gibberish to them.

Ocular implants

The nano bots will also set up shop in the eyes.
A nano camera implant will be in the left eye.
The retina will be changed into a bright eerie looking pink glow which will shine when lighted in the dark.
From this nano camera the supercomputer is able to see through the eyes of the infected host.
A bleeding eye is a common result.


We are merging with the machine.
We are being turned into robots operated by remote control.
The definition of what it means to be human is now being changed.
World domination is the motive.
The elite will control the masses because they are viewed as being superfluous and a burden.
This is all happening without your knowledge and without your consent.
It is a most sinister plan.
Everyone on the planet now has nano implants which rewires the brain and allows them to be tracked and eventually become mind controlled on demand.
This is the new automated government administration.
In the future when a person rebels they will become a targeted individual.
The controlled public can be made to stalk them.
Nano surveillance will mean a total loss of privacy.
Cloning which is also done in secret is achieved by copying and transferring brain wave patterns.

Nano poisoning

The unseen hazards are many.
Nano particles are now being put in fertilizers and pesticides which of course are sprayed on our crops.
Once inside of us these microfilaments penetrate our genes, tissues, organs and cells.
Transforming us and rewriting our DNA.
Their toxicity will kill brain cells.
They combine with receptor sites creating an estrogen response making us operate on survival mode.
It is like GMO’s on steroids.
Most people have no clue this is taking place.
And it is happening right now.
To all of us.

Morgellons Disease

Morgellons is the attempt of the body to push these nano fibers out through the skin.


In the near future a massive epidemic from a vague and unknown disease will take place.
It will be highly contagious and fatal.
The government will declare a state of emergency and announce mandatory vaccinations for our protection.
That will be just the beginning of the nightmare.
The vaccines will have a cyber virus which mutates cells essentially turning us into machines.
When it reaches the brain we become perfect androids.
The speed of the process will differ from person to person.

Royal Rife

In the 1930’s the brilliant Royal Rife invented a device to impart electrical frequencies that can kill cancer cells and eliminate all diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.
The American Medical establishment would have been dealt a severe blow if an inexpensive cure for disease was available so they prevented Royal Rife’s invention from being used.
Electrical vbrations has also been used to grow bigger, stronger and healthier crops without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This was was also eliminated by corporate interests and as a result the synthetic chemicals that were introduced in the 1950’s have remained the standard.
This has profited chemical companies in the billions of dollars.
The correct dosage of electric energy would be the cure for nano infiltration because it would short circuit these nano computers. In essence killing them.
High frequency violet rays have been shown to be safe and promote healing.
Why are the elite willing to spray the whole world treating us like insects and pests to be poisoned while putting themselves at risk?
They know how to keep themselves unaffected.
Do not think they eat the same food as the general public.

Phasors on Stun

Thanks to all the barium, strontium, aluminum, nickel, lithium, fluoride, mercury etc. that have been dumped down upon us in chemtrails we are very susceptible to electrical output.
100 to 150 kilovolts will interact with the metals inside us and fry us.
It just so happens that the average police stun gun is 130 Kilovolts.
The cure for nano infiltration would first have to involve the removal of heavy metals from the body.


Hardly anyone doubts their thoughts are not their own.
But do your thoughts sometimes seem foreign?
Is there sometimes a strange voice in your dreams?
Paralleling is when the handler injects their thoughts into the subject’s thoughts.
It is hard to conceptualize that there is a command center which is now or eventually will be telling you things that don’t belong to you.
It is hard to grasp that there is now or will eventually be people who are watching, monitoring and judging you using a super computer.
It is hard to believe our psyches are being attacked in a massive mind control experiment.
It is hard to comprehend that something straight out of an end of the world apocalypse scenario has now befallen us.
The more we cooperate the more we validate it’s existence.

Sometimes when the wave rolls in you can’t ride it.
Go under it and avoid it.
And prepare yourself to ride the next one.