Our remote ancestors were consummate sky watchers. They recorded the activities of the planetary gods in their sacred literature. Accepted beliefs became religion while others became myth. But they all describe the same events in the sky. And these events were unlike anything we see today.
Venus was always described as female. The Mother Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, Star Woman, Isis, Ishtar, Inanna, Eve, Aphrodite etc. She presided over a sacred garden better known as the Garden of Eden, the Elysian Fields, the Field of Sacrifice, the Field of Rushes or the Green Garden of Venus where all life originates.
Mars was always described as masculine. Apollo, Adonis, Hercules, Marduk, Adam, Dumuzi, Reseph etc.
Cultures all over the world reenacted the activities of the gods above them. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Mesoamerican, Pacific Island, you name it the ceremonies of religions are a continuance of what happened during the age when the gods were close to the Earth.
Planets are charged objects. When encountering another charged object a planet will react in electrical plasma discharges. These discharges were interpreted in different ways. Sometimes as sexual intercourse or sometimes as a weapon.
The Skidi Pawnee of the Midwestern plains dressed up a young brave to imitate Mars giving him a war club, putting feathers on his head and painting him all over with red dust. The central act of this simulation was the warrior’s pursuit and eventual conquest of Venus. The Pawnee went out and captured a female from another tribe to represent Venus painting her also and outfitting her with a fan shaped headdress. The brave shot the female with an arrow and the blood was directed to a pit lined with white feathers symbolizing the sacred garden of the planet goddess.
The Babylonians had a sacred marriage rite. Dumuzi (Mars) and Inanna (the Great Lady of Heaven) was represented by the king and a woman of his choice. The king would act as a gardener in the Holy Green Garden of Inanna. A sexual union would take place to assure fertility and abundance throughout the land.
Nergal – the Assyrian Mars was mentioned in the Old Testament as an ‘Angel of Destruction’. Like many Mars gods he is renowned for his great strength and his journey from the netherworld to the ‘Land of Green’ where he increases the vegetation of Venus. This belief stems from a spectacular conjunction of these two planets while at close proximity to our world making them loom large in the sky.
Inanna translates as the Queen of Heaven and it is she whom the prophet Jeremiah warns against burning incense to. Inanna, Ishtar and Aphrodite became associated with rites of prostitution.
The Greek Ares and Aphrodite is another example. Aphrodite is of course the Goddess of Love who fills the sky with her pure blaze and is also associated with a sacred garden.
These two lovers (Mars and Venus) were represented in festivals all over the world. The death of Mars being a focal point. In Alexandria Egypt the image of Adonis (Mars) was carried to the seashore in a funeral possession. In Athens Greece a celebration of licentiousness called the Adonia featured the parading of the dying Adonis. In Rome celebrations were carried out showing how Adonis died and was carried away by Venus.
The death of Mars was mourned in rituals everywhere. Origin writes: The god whom the Greeks call Adonis is called Tammuz by the Jews and Syrians and in the Old Testament women weep for Tammuz on the rooftops in Jerusalem during yearly festivals. At Byblos in Phoenicia, Astarte (Venus) and Adonis were celebrated in rites and solemn lamentations were performed throughout the land for the death of Adonis. But his resurrection was commemorated on the next day.
Jerome writes of the rituals in Syria and Palestine. Women bewail the death of Tammuz (the lover of Venus) but then sing praises to him when he returns to life.
In the festivals at Alexandria, they weep the death of Adonis but then rejoice when he is found alive in the netherworld by Venus.
In the New World, Venus is Star Woman or Sky Maiden and Mars is Coyote or Raven who becomes a sick or dying god but then is rejuvenated thanks to the magic of Venus.
Quetzalcoatl – the Aztec Mars was burned on a celestial funeral pyre but rose again and was redeemed and became the star that appears at dawn – the Morning Star. The ancient Morning star was Mars. He was the Lord of Lords and sat on his heavenly throne.
He as well as many other Mars gods were a guiding light to a new place of settlement for many ancient tribes. Moses was imbued with the traits of Mars.
The Babylonian Mars – Dumuzi is conferred power upon by Inanna transforming him and giving him new life with luminous splendor.
The month of March was originally the first month and is named after Mars. The birth or rebirth of Mars was celebrated at the end of the year starting on December 25 and lasting until the new year – the month of Mars. It was The Feast of the Seven Days or Saturnalia. Birth days for ancient Mars gods everywhere including Minerva, Krishna, Apollo, Indra etc. were on December 25. These gods were also born of a virgin and at the same time were the Son of the Father God Saturn.
Horus -the Egyptian Mars ascended on a celestial ladder to the radiant place in heaven where there are many mansions in the land of the blessed and experienced a transfiguration. He was the anointed one who brought salvation.
He was also the child who sat on the lap of his mother Isis.
Is this starting to remind you of Jesus yet?
The ritual of the Eucharist where one takes in the body and blood of Christ has its origin in the same series of events.
As Jesus fell down carrying the cross, Ares fell down after being struck with a rock thrown by Athena. As Jesus bled on the cross, Ares bled also after being hit by the spear of Diomedes. The spear wound of Jesus and Ares as well as many others is the gash of Mars – the Valles Marineris – the huge canyon in the middle section of Mars.
Many Biblical characters received attributes of the great God and became portrayed as men with great powers. They became personifications of Mars. Jesus being at the top of the list.
Melquart is the Phoenician Son of God who was rejuvenated and resurrected as a result of his marriage to Astarte.
This marriage made in heaven of Venus and Mars is called the Heiros Gamos.
The Latin Mars was born again after receiving a baptism of fire at the hands of Minerva (Venus) and received the Crown of Glory.
Heracles owes his glory to Hera. He adorned a divine garment or multicolored cloak.
The splendor or glory of Venus is a recurring theme and she was referred to as the Torch Star whose brilliance or blazing fire spanned the heavens provoking awe, fright, panic, trembling and terror. The planet today is known for its’ extreme heat and radiance.
To get to the heavenly realm of the gods one must travel up a celestial ladder. Jacob’s ladder has the angels of god ascending and descending on it. Chinese lore has gods, fairies and witches traveling on the ladder between heaven and earth.
Native Americans refer to this ladder as a chain of arrows or the Backbone of the Sky.
During the time when heaven was near the earth the souls of the dead went up and down a World Tree or World Mountain or a Celestial Rope. It was also referred to as The Road to Heaven or The Way. It was a brilliant white color and so was named the Milky Way.
It was also the Staircase of pure lapis lazuli.
Mars climbed up and down this Stairway to Heaven. When Nergal arrived at the gates of heaven the Assembly of God would pronounce: The Son of Ishtar has come back to us!
This Universalis Columna was a high powered plasma current of electric charge. The collapse of this Stairway to Heaven was remembered as a great calamity.
Native Americans like the Skidi Pawnee and Navaho recount the ancient fire drill where Coyote ascends and discharges lightning or fire to the star with four white rays (Venus).
Venus is prominently depicted on many ancient works of art as a four pointed star. It is a sacred symbol not only in the old world but is attested to in the Americas as well. It is frequently shown on shields, mural paintings and rock art.
These are radiating streamers in a plasma discharge.
They are the same as the four streams watering the earthly paradise, the mythical four winds, the four pillars of heaven or the four rays of lightning.
Indra – the Vedic Mars had lightning that took four paths.
Which is also the shape of a cross!
Many Mars gods are associated with a cross.
The followers of the Norse Mars Thor wore an equal armed cross.
The Assyrian priests of Nergal adorned a cross exactly like the Maltese Cross.
The participants in the Greek Bacchus Mars cult were arrayed with a cross on a headdress.
When the charge on this four pointed ray increased additional streamers appeared.
The Pentagram and then the Hexagram – the Star of David. Both are familiar motifs.
When the charge intensified even more it took the form of a celestial swastika.
The idea that a swastika is connected to an ancient god is also universal in scope.
The swastika would in turn transform into the rosette and then a fiery wheel.
Just like the song by Journey – The Wheel in the Sky keeps on Turning.
These transitions of discharge formation can be verified by observing plasma transmissions in a laboratory.
Mars was known as the unerring marksman in the heart of heaven and the bringer of fire (Prometheus)
He was also the keeper of the sacred fire and the grinder of the millstone.
The Greek word for cross xy’lon also means tree, beam or pillar.
So when the Norse Mars god Odin hung from the World Tree it is the same event but without the cross bar.
Many crosses also use a circle such as the Egyptian Ankh and the Latin Cross associated with Mithra.
Similar crosses have been found in the Americas and among the European Pagan religions. The circle denotes a celestial orb.
Horus died within the Ahket which depicts a mountain. He then was rejuvenated and transformed or in other words born again.
The Ahket is the Egyptian Golgatha. The Mount of Transfiguration.
Jesus never died on a cross but was posthumously given the attributes of Mars in order to create a religion. The practice of crucifixion by Romans was reserved for disobedient slaves. The two thieves nor Jesus fit into that category. Jesus was never on a cross. It was the planet Mars who died and was born again on a celestial cross. It was the planet Mars that was proclaimed to have Risen from the Dead!
And if you were a judge would you torture and kill your own son or daughter then say to some jerk who stole or raped or murdered someone else “Now everything is OK. I took justice and retribution out on my own child. We can pretend the whole thing didn’t happen.” The whole sacrifice idea is totally stupid and does not make any sense!
Any emanations protruding off the surface of Mars would have a reddish blood color and be thought of as the Bleeding of the Deity. So to some people it looked like their God was dying on a cross!
It was the planet Mars who bled on a heavenly cross!
It looked like the Ultimate Sacrifice in the Field of Sacrifice!
And The Green Garden of Sacrifice was the radiant luminosity or incandescence of Venus!
There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen!
Believe it or not!
Take it or leave it!
It is the Truth of the Matter!