The human mind has immense untapped potential
To shape the experience of life

You can automate new programs in your subconscious
Just by giving them energy

Old programs will become inactive from disuse
But no matter how persistent they are
Hold the vision you want to create

Give manifestation the time it needs to grow and mature
Do not worry about when or how it will happen

In the past female energy in particular was raised to high levels
Matriarchal societies were common
But now the female principle has descended into lunar consciousness

Because of the rising female energy
And its boundless capacity for love and compassion
That raises the vibration of the world

The moon is stapled to Saturn
For the purpose of generating major damage in the time matrix
Seeking to create scarcity limitation and doubt

But just by good intention and gratefulness a positive energy field is created
High attitudes resonate with optimistic vocal tones assuring a favorable outcome
Bathing others in Sophianic glory and wisdom

There is a profound link between consciousness and reality
Reality adjusts to our inner workings
And so is created almost exclusively in our minds

We quantum jump by connecting to an alternate version of ourselves

During the past epoch when the Venusian Mother blue ray arc led into Saturns solar logos
The world was filled with life from outflowing electrical plasma

But down a dark eon we strove
As entities and shadowy spirits invaded our realm

The counterfeit lunar imposter is an alien machine from a fallen parallel matrix
It has replaced our authentic presence with automated directives

Our awareness of who we are will align us to our true organic expression
We can shift the quantum state with our thoughts
And orchestrate a quantum leap into our desired outcome

Where we will sing the harmonics of our souls song!