A dimension is a grouping of energy units geometrically arranged
That refracts light and sound into manifested form

It is built upon a blueprint

The relationship between the wave notes
That are within frequency bands
Create the holographic refraction of light and sound

This allows consciousness to perceive the illusion of physical matter

Stars change their brightness and planets shift their position
By magnetically drawing electromagnetic particles into their unity field

As planets and starts share energy so do humans
You will connect to other beings who share your energy

We need others to share energy
Which will heal complete and activate us

Astral beings will come into your holographic field of perception
When you are able to hold that specific quotient of light frequency

Our consciousness stations our identity
Within a particular structure of dimensionalization
Such as our 3D birth contracts

This imprints our personal identity within the snapshot
Of the collective mass consciousness
At the time of our birth

Allowing for the perception of an externalization
Of a particular reality system

It is our current holographic architecture and its matrices
That control the mass consciousness perception of this reality

As more humans vibrate on the platinum level
It will have an accumulating effect
Activating individuals into a higher harmonic balance

As our integrity expands our sphere of influence expands
We will stabilize disharmonic environments

As we move up the frequency ladder our crystalline frequencies
Will operate as an interdimensional 12D hub

We will be like units with a 100 volt outlet
Being prepared to handle 1000 volts

We will then recode our genetics
And embody our original human template

This will bring back the highly refined periods
Of living in harmony with natural laws

And the beautiful and healing environments
Which are supportive of consciousness expansion and unity intelligence!