The lunar simulator brings in dark matter
From beyond the electromagnetic fields above us
This dark matter is also called non terrestrial programmable black goo

Directed energy beams pulse through the plasma fields
The black goo is separated and becomes archons or demonic entities

These dark principalities feed off the bio photons of humans

Directed energy weapons or DEWs broadcast a microwave frequency
Which hit the heavy metals dispersed from chemtrails

They add or subtract electrons causing the metals to become plasma
The sky is now ionized and can be used as a holography screen
Besides projecting illusions it can be used as a cloaking device

And it is now a free space optimal communications network
That can collect and transmit data
This is The Cloud or The Internet of Things

If you connect to it
It will alter your body functions and change you

Humans are being slowly drawn into it
They will see it as a natural progression of technology

Hollywood stars are reptilians in meat suits
They are a bunch of clones who drink adrenochrome
They come straight from Clonaid
Clones are all connected to the same wavelength by a neurolink

The Illuminati who are the high level Freemasons and ruling families
Want the rest of humanity to be physically connected to the 5G system
Which will link them to The Cloud

They want us to be as controllable as clones
Who if disobedient are simply turned off!