As the percentage of people that get vaxxed increase
Restrictions will be lifted

Sport stadiums and arenas will be full again
Churches gyms and workplaces will return to normal

Even though the worst effects are dormant
People are getting sudden responses
Resulting in auto accidents

The vaccines from
And Astra Zeneca
Will soon be lifted

And a solution
That cures all variants
With little or no side effects
Will be introduced

A vaccine which is not delivered by way of a hypodermic needle
That will eliminate all fence sitters and vaccine hesitants

On May 8 there will be a worldwide event
Called Vax Live
A concert to reunite the world

Superimposed behind the stage
Will be an adhesive bandage
Which is the micro needle array patch
A vaccine accessible to all

What they do not advertise
Is that there is only a pandemic in the media

And the vaccine has multiple versions of RNA wielded together
And that the virus is encoded in synthetic proteins
Referred to as Spike Proteins

The tips of which look exactly like a normal signaling molecule
So a healthy cell binds to the tip as usual

But the virus snaps off the tip
Then plunges its RNA through the surface of the cell

The cell then makes millions of copies of itself

And that single electrons in artificial atoms are being injected
These are called quantum dots
Which are bio sensing logic gates
That will manipulate the spin of your electrons
And digitally connect you to The Blockchain
Which is an electron cubit chipset
Of a quantum computer

And that a normal healthy immune system
Is the best defense against any virus

And that masks cause oxygen deprivation
Resulting in the weakening of your immune system

And that your body will produce antigens to fight off foreign proteins
Because your genes create your needed proteins from amino acids

Which is also why you should never take isolated protein
Or eat animals because they have their own unique protein

By the end of the year
This new micro needle array patch will become mandatory