Nicola Tesla came to the US from Croatia in 1884. After working for Thomas Edison who stiffed him he set up his own laboratories and invented many electrical devices. His inventions have made America and the world what it is today. A few examples are the radio, neon lamp, and remote control. His ideas of smart phones and a wireless internet eventually became reality. His designs of hydroelectric dams soon powered America. His discovery of Alternating Current is now being used clandestinely by power companies to power homes, businesses, stadiums etc. His greatest achievement was his ability to draw electrical energy from the Earth and send it anywhere as he demonstrated with his Wardenclyffe Tower in New Jersey. His financer JP Morgan  realized he couldn’t make money if people received free energy and brought the project to an end. But it has now resurfaced in what is referred to as HAARP.

HAARP is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. There are now facilities all over the world. They are being used for military purposes. By directing the current it can focus a billion watt pulsed radio beam into the ionosphere. Extremely low frequency waves will bounce back to earth and can control the weather, create earthquakes, tsunamis, intensify and direct hurricanes etc. The pulsed radio emissions can also penetrate the brain and can turn a calm person into a extremely agitated one by making their brain waves more unstable and chaotic.

Not only was Tesla a man of high intelligence he was one of high moral character. He said “It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables which is a commendable departure from the barbarous habit of eating animals. That we can subsist on plant food and work even to an advantage is not a theory but a well demonstrated fact. People who rely almost exclusively on vegetables are of superior physique and strength and will have better mental performance. In view of these facts every effort should be made to stop the wanton and cruel slaughter of animals which is destructive to our morals.”

Tesla had a photographic memory and could actually picture experiments in his mind and work them out. His ideas of drawing out the Earth’s electrical energy is remarkably similar to the operation of the pyramids. If one realizes how the worldwide network of pyramids worked and how they were destroyed in a power surge that also caused a worldwide calamity one can see the inherit risks of the HAARP program. Our planet is a charged body with a frequency of 7.83 hz/sec. It resonates current and has enormous charge located in the ionosphere. A reactionary discharge to this enormous ray gun called HAARP could cause an overload of electrical energy in our atmosphere which could prove fatal to humans.

Tesla said any science which does not have the betterment of humankind as it’s goal is a perversion. He seemingly did not fit into the period which he lived. It was as if his soul was from another time. One of high technology.  And he brought this past knowledge into our current time period changing the world. And one can only wonder the reverberations of it’s misuse.