Our world enjoyed free energy for many centuries.
Modern water towers or clock towers were actually ancient transmitters of electrical power.
Many dams and power stations are also hold overs from the technology of the Empire of Tartary.
During the Reset of 1812 and the systematic destruction of Tartarian infrastructure free power became a thing of the past.
The goal was to gradually reintroduce electrical energy to this new America but under the control of the new power elite.
The story of Nicola Tesla is fabricated along with the inventions of Thomas Edison.
Tesla is supposed to have moved to Colorado Springs and during that time a magnificent laboratory was supposed to have been built in which he did amazing experiments.
But if you want to visit it you will be disappointed because there isn’t any laboratory.
And the reason is because it never existed!
The whole purpose of making Tesla out to be a genius was to cover-up the existence of the previous civilization.
Nicola Tesla was supposed to have arrived in America from Croatia in 1884.
At that time the deserted cities of America which was the formerly a province of Tartaria were being repopulated.
Electrical power was being reinstated through power lines.
As a result of controlling the energy, power companies would have the public dependent on them and at their mercy.
Thomas Edison was a big player in this scheme.
Because of his amazing talent Tesla was supposed to have been sent to America to work for Edison.
But Tesla quit after Edison refused to pay what he had promised him.
Wishing to profit from the sharp mind of Tesla the new controllers sent him to work for Robert Westinghouse. There Tesla is supposed to have perfected his idea of alternating current in his own laboratories.
His electrical discoveries were displayed at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.
But he did not make any discoveries.
Alternating current is now employed by power companies all over the world.
Which they use to power businesses and homes everywhere.
At no cost to them but at a huge artificial cost to the customer.
Tesla became a celebrity and hobnobbed in elitist circles.
But he was an insider and just played along with his celebrity status.
After awhile he is supposed to have gotten tired of the phony and superficial attitudes of the very rich.
He wanted his freedom to work independently.
So his handlers sent him to Colorado Springs.
This like most of his story this is totally made-up.
There he could get away from it all and work quietly and in solitude.
But he spent much of is time developing free energy from the earth.
So that operation was eventually unplugged.
He then went back to the Northeast and worked directly under the supervision of JP Morgan.
But again Tesla concentrated on free energy.
It was at this time that his tower in Wardenclyffe, New Jersey was supposedly built.
It was just a previous Tartarian Tower Generator.
The story goes seeing this would liberate the public from their reliance on controlled power the project was scrapped.
He was then given free room and board in a hotel in New York City to write and be alone.
His ideas were confiscated by his handlers.
They became the basis for the radio, remote control and the neon lamp.
And later inventions such as smart phones and wireless internet.
But he was kept out of history books.
Because it was all a sham.
In the late 1900’s he was paraded all over television as the inventor of electrical technologies.
This was to undermine the reality of the pre existing Tartarian Empire that had many electrical wonders in operation.
And which was brought to a sudden end by energy transmitters turned energy weapons.
Energy generators now have resurfaced in what is referred to as HAARP.
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.
By bouncing billions of watts of power off of the ionosphere a stream of low frequency waves will be produced.
This is now being used to control the weather.
It can also create earthquakes and tsunamis.
It can intensify and direct hurricanes.
They have converted free energy technology into a gigantic ray gun.
It is also used in other clandestine operations such as mind control.
When pulsed radio emissions penetrate the brain they can turn a calm person into an extremely agitated one.
By making their brain waves more unstable and chaotic.
Even though Tesla was not the man of high intelligence he was made out to be he was of high moral character.
He said “It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables which is a commendable departure from the barbarous habit of eating animals. That we can subsist on plant food and have it to our advantage is not a theory but a well demonstrated fact. People who rely almost exclusively on vegetables are of superior physique and strength and will have better mental performance. In view of these facts every effort should be made to stop the wanton and cruel slaughter of animals which is destructive to our morals.”
Tesla is said to have had a photographic memory and could actually picture experiments in his mind and work them out.
But that is not true.
And his ideas of drawing out the Earth’s electrical energy is remarkably similar to the operation of the pyramids.
That is because it was Tartarian technology passed of as his.
Tesla said any science which does not have the betterment of humankind as it’s goal is a perversion.
If you did not know the truth of Tesla it would seem as if his soul was from another time of high technology. 
And higher moral standards.
And that he brought this past knowledge into our current time period changing the world.
It is a nice story but it’s just a big cover-up.
And one can only wonder about the reverberations of this high technology in the wrong hands.