Super empaths have gifts of sensitivity
They are visionary leaders that want to bring equilibrium into the world

Super empaths are psychic and have dreams that clue them into what others are thinking
They often see spirits and silhouettes

They get glimpses into the quantum field
And have a physical presence that amplify their energy

In science fiction time chair super empaths steer DNA based craft by their aura
Because they are equipped with super dialectic piezo oscillators

And with their ability to feel deeply they can complete a signal
That allows them to manifest magnetically

Super empaths are frequently sleeping abductees
And usually highly intuitive

Super empaths feel at home in the natural world
And surrender to the rhythm and flow of the nature

Being at the beach makes their whole body energized
As they are immersed in energy waves

I was a basketball star in high school
During home games I felt electrified by the spectators
I would often score points in the upper 20s

During away games I did not feel the same way
And would usually score less than half that number

I was a basketball star with a big stuttering problem
From a traumatic incident in my early childhood

Most of the time if I was spontaneous I could speak very well
But if I was in the least concerned about it
I would struggle on about every word

So I wound up trying to hide it
And it felt like I was walking on eggshells

I did various therapies which helped
But it was just a matter of time until I would block on a word
And lose the confidence I had built up

I am now accepting my wounded inner child as part of myself
Transmuting those strong emotional vibrations with self love

I am embracing him as he expresses himself
And not ignoring running away from or fighting him

I am now talking more freely than I ever have
And I am healing my traumatized inner self

My glory days high school story is when we were playing the top ranked team from a neighboring state
Both teams were undefeated and the gymnasium was packed with an overflowing capacity

It was a close game and I stole the ball and raced down the court and scored
I made a wide turn as I was running back and ran right next to the standing and cheering home crowd
I got so electrified and pumped up that I made 2 more steals that resulted in me scoring

That turned the tide and we came out on the winning end

We are energy having a human experience!