Most everyone by now has heard that Stanley Kubrick the producer of 2001 A Space Odyssey was hired to direct the Apollo science fiction drama. A better choice could not have been found as Americans bought into this impossibility without thinking.

Ignored was the tremendous heat 250*F during the day and minus 200*F at night. Instruments do not keep working at these extreme levels!  But of course the astronauts didn’t have a worry in the world as they were speeding around in their “moon rover” or playing golf or joking around. And they never minded the severe temperatures. They never complained once.

How did Apollo 17 astronot Jack Schmidt run around the moon without a helmet? There is no oxygen to breathe in on the moon and he would suffocate. But there he is running around for long periods of time and not even getting a shortness of breath. Pretty impressive to never breathe and act as if you were.

And what about this flag waving stuff? No air and no wind on the moon makes for no flag waving also. They didn’t think this one through too well either.

And what’s going on with the live broadcasts with continuous dialogue of the Apollo spacecraft on its’ way to the moon when there are camera cuts. You can’t do camera cuts and keep a live dialogue.  This was obviously filmed previously and then edited for believability.

And no dust on the landing pads of the lunar lander as if it was lowered down by a crane that brought it to the film set. And no blast crater either. A high powered engine with 1000’s of lbs. of thrust would have created a big hole with dust spread everywhere.

They said they saw no stars. There is no atmosphere on the moon so the stars would have been utterly spectacular!

The Van Allen Belts extend for tens of thousands of miles with millions of amperes of voltage. Sorry no one can survive that!

The engine noise would have been deafening! But everything is shown to be nice and quiet as they talk on and on.  The engines would have been right next to them! Maybe the producers had watched too many Star Trek episodes with Kirk, Spock and the gang hanging around the quiet bridge on the starship Enterprise.

The fake backgrounds are obvious if you look for them. The same background is seen when they are in supposedly different areas.

Wires are seen faintly popping up above the “astronauts”. The astronaut actors had wires attached to them which were connected to cranes to create the illusion of buoyancy in a low gravity field. Also the film was slowed down to further the effect.

There was no workable descent module operating beforehand. Thank god it all of a sudden worked perfectly descending and ascending 6 straight times. And when it ascended it connected utterly perfect every time to the mother ship (control module) that was going over 24,000 m/p/h. for the “return voyage”. And thank god that the control module worked flawless 6 times also, going 238,000 miles one way or 476,000 miles each trip. And that the Van Allen belts with millions of amperes of voltage never shorted out 1 circuit or computer wire. Who said miracles are not possible?

Since the moon has no atmosphere there would have been an almost continuous bombardment of deadly solar and cosmic radiation.

Some of the “scenes” required an extra cameraman.

The “moon rocks” contain iron oxide which would require oxygen.

The Apollo 13 astronauts supposedly raced home because of an oxygen leak and then became short on power. The whole nation prayed for their safe return. But the bombardment of solar and cosmic radiation would have overheated the capsule and it would not have become real cold as the story goes.

At 300 miles up the radiation is so extreme that high energy particles became too intense for the space shuttle astronauts. And the Apollo “spacecraft” had very thin walls of aluminum. This would create a scattering effect which make the impact of radioactive particles much more severe. And one impact of a micro meteor of which there are many would have went right through the walls meaning instant death. But our brave astronauts showed no signs of fear nor were they bothered by lethal doses of radiation.

There were shadows on “the moon” going in different directions and even in opposite directions. And there was inexplicable flashes of light. This can only mean multiple light sources such as in a movie set!

And after 50 years since the “Eagle landed” and all of the remarkable engineering breakthroughs and technology advances we have made in those years – we have not been able to go back. If we can’t do it now we couldn’t do it then!