Six times to the moon and back without a hitch! Everyone just swallowed the story whole because they saw it on TV. Free Masons who have a history of lying and deception posing as astronauts. All brought to you by NASA the phony space agency which is still fabricating space trips to plasma orbs that are impossible to land on. Or hoaxing space stations with actors pretending to be in space.
This fraudulent agency gets billions of dollars every year to promote space fiction as truth. To advance a belief in imaginary and impossible scenarios in order to keep the public in the dark and in a false reality.
Stanley Kubrick the producer of 2001 A Space Odyssey was hired to direct the Apollo science fiction drama.
The entire Apollo Drama was filmed in the desert of the southwest and in a movie studio.
At first though they tried to impress everyone that they had a working descent module. But it exploded and Gus Grissom who was inside almost died. Thank God it worked perfectly six times after that. Descending and ascending at the moon!
Then they tried to make it seem real by showing the moon travelers get on board the rocket ship at Cape Canaveral in Florida. They even had them blast off. But the trajectory of the spacecraft went horizontal to the plane of the earth after it had reached a certain altitude. Later they had to stage a rescue mission of them in the ocean. The rescue was witnessed by a commercial airlines flight except the only problem was that the travelers on the airplane saw the space travelers being dropped off in the water by a helicopter.
The so-called Apollo Spacecraft had very thin aluminum walls. Going through any intensive high energy field would produce a scattering of particles and it would have been easily punctured. This would mean instant death.
But the brave heroes showed no fear!
The moon is a plasma orb. It does not have a solid surface which one can walk around on, drive a little 4 wheeler moon buggy on or play golf on.
The collision of charged particles creates heat. By observing the moon through a spectrometer it is estimated that the daytime temperature is around 250*F. And then at night when the particles are not excited by solar rays it is estimated to be about minus 200*F.
Instruments do not work at extreme levels! You would think that they might be a little worried about being stranded on the moon. But not these guys! They are full of confidence and they crack jokes.
Wouldn’t they at least complain about the weather? Of course not they had specially equipped space suits that circulated warm water and kept them comfortable.
There is also no oxygen on the moon so they had to have special breathing apparatuses filled with oxygen in order not to suffocate.
During Apollo 17 astronot Jack Schmidt is shown running around on the supposed moon without a helmet. He doesn’t even seem to be short of breath. He must have been quite an athlete.
And what about this flag waving stuff? No air and no wind on the moon makes for no flag waving also. They didn’t think this one through too well. They shouldn’t have been filming in Arizona on a windy day.
And what’s going on with the live broadcasts of continuous dialogue during the Apollo spacecraft’s way to the moon. There are camera cuts! Camera cuts tell you that after the pre-rehearsed filming the film was edited. Then shown to the public as a live broadcast. You can’t have camera cuts at the same time of a live dialogue.
The engine noise would be deafening. They would be basically sitting right on top of the engines. But the whole trip is relaxed and quiet. That’s how it was on the USS Enterprise with Captain Kirk and Spock so no one questioned it.
Looking at the Lunar Lander supposedly sitting on the moon there is no dust on the landing pads. Those high powered engines which brought the craft all the way to the moon would surely have blasted a big hole in it’s surface. They should have dumped some dirt on those remarkably clean landing pads to make it seem more realistic.
They probably forgot because they had to deal with operating a crane that lowered the space module onto the film set.
Who shot the scene of Neil Armstrong getting out of the Descent Module and being the first human to walk on the moon? Maybe they hired an alien?
While out roaming around the moon you might notice the background is the same wherever they go. That is because they didn’t leave the film set in Arizona.
And if you look closely you can actually see the wires that propped up the astronauts in their ridiculous space suits. An illusion of buoyancy was created when the astronaut started to fall but were instantly pulled back up.
There were shadows going every direction. Which means there was more than one light source other than the sun. In other words there were lights placed in different locations on the set.
That would explain the inexplicable light sources that kept on popping up.
The film was slowed down to approximately half speed to make it seem they were in a low gravity field.
The Control Module or Mother Ship was supposed to be going 24,000 miles per hour. The Descent Module had to perfectly time it’s rejoining with the Control Module speeding along at this incredible velocity.
They apparently accomplished this amazing feat perfectly 6 times.
And who filmed the ascending Space Module?
They had to say they saw no stars. Otherwise they would have been asked to show photographs of them. And speaking of pictures, cameras would not work in extreme temperatures. And how would they operate a camera or anything else for that matter with those huge space gloves?
The moon rocks contain iron oxide which would require oxygen and thus they did not come from the moon.
The Eagle never landed.
The Apollo 13 astronauts supposedly raced home because of an oxygen leak making them short on power. The whole nation prayed for their safe return. This story was made up because they needed some excitement due to the lack of a viewing audience. I Love Lucy on the other channel was more popular.
And finally with all the remarkable engineering breakthroughs and technology advances we have made in the past 50 years we have not gone back!
One small step for man
One big lie for mankind!