With the power of intention
Distant healing is possible

We send out biophotons that can vibrate at high speed
And will interact with protons

If you believe humanity is ready for ascension that is what you will experience
Otherwise you will experience wars and calamity
What you project is what you see

Our universe is like a particle expanding and contracting
It is a cell that is breathing in and out
A flux capacitor

Waters around the north pole draw in and surge out twice a day
That is the reason for the oceanic tides and why lakes do not have tides

There are magnetic loopings around the north pole
Which has an acoustic frequency that hold the firmament in place

In the former age before the onset of the ice in the Arctic Ocean
Ships would venture there and the currents would be so powerful
That they would get swallowed into a whirlpool
The whirlpool took you down into another world with other inhabitants

The land around the north pole used to be full of animals
Many tribal people lived there off the land
But migrated south when the weather changed

Trees were formerly miles high
Devils Tower in Wyoming is an old tree trunk

We could have huge vegetables and fruit trees
Simply by placing a metallic conducting rod in the ground

Electrical charge will stimulate growth
And the energetic vibration would keep away pests

Instead synthetic chemical fertilizers and poisonous insecticides and herbicides are used
Keeping our bodies functioning at a low level
Making it easy to deceive the masses and control them

Doppelgangers are a double of a living person
They are produced by genetic coding and ultrasonic cerebral holograms
From high frequency sound waves

Doppelgangers typically become possessed by entities
You can recognize them by their blank dead stare and soul less eyes

Secretly cerebral holograms of people are being made
That have a complete record of neuron patterns
Containing all memory and knowledge of the person

Secret societies run our world
All initiates take the Oath of Silence
That if broken is punishable by death

There is no escape from the pact
And you pay for it with your soul

Secret societies communicate with each other by secret hand signs
Thumb and forefinger circled around the eyes or flashed in front
Or one eye covered

Arms folded over chest
Or thumbs and index fingers creating a pyramid shape
Or fingers above the head representing horns

These are all imitations of celestial configurations in the former age

We are ruled over by a small group of men who have sold their soul
Who use propaganda to make us think in a certain way
Who cast a spell over us by manipulating the energy

Acknowledge the negative
And override it with positive thoughts feelings and actions
Think of yourself as a hologram imprinting into the quantum structure
Think of others as projections of your consciousness

Think of yourself as the man or woman behind the curtain in the Land of Oz
That can control the Emerald City!