The most common method to obtain foretelling of the future is through dreams. In this subconscious state you can access other vibrational frequencies.
Another way to gain insights into things to come is through consuming mind altering plants such as cactus and mushrooms. One needs to exercise caution though when partaking of unfamiliar plants with potent chemicals.
Common among Native Americans seeking divine revelation is chanting, dancing, and the rhythmic beating of drums. This practice opens ones mind to messages from beyond.
And finally vision quests have been traditional gateways to higher information. These involve the self discipline and perseverance of fasting and then meditating in an isolated nature area.
The Hopis have utilized all of the above. They are famous for their prophecies and have for hundreds of years described signs which will occur before the advent of a new era. All but one have been fulfilled.
They are:
1 White skinned men will strike with thunder – pioneers and early settlers with guns.
2 Spinning wheels with voices – wagon trains.
3 beasts like buffalo overrun the land – cattle.
4 Snakes of iron – railroads.
5 Giant spider webs – electric wires on poles.
6 Rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun – hot desert paved roads.
7 Sea turning black with many living things dying – oil spills.
8 Youth with long hair – hippies.
9 A dwelling place appearing as a blue star will fall from heaven and crash to Earth?
So what exactly is this blue star?
There are many blue stars above us and they are blue because of their high electrical charge.
The closest blue star is said to be Alpha Centauri.
Uranus and Saturn which look like stars to the unaided eye have blue outer rings.
Maybe the blue star is our closest neighbor.
Mars’ sunsets are blue because the concentrated frequency of sun light there scatters the Martian atmospheric dust and thus creates a different wavelength. The intensity of the wavelength is proportional to the square of the electric field.
Earth’s sky is bright blue because of the scattering of it’s many layers of densely packed molecules. The incoming solar particles scatters the atmospheric elements which produces different wavelengths and different energies thus different colors.
Because of it’s thin atmosphere Mars’ normal color though is red.
In myth Mars is sometimes given an effervescent or incandescent dark blue glow.
In religion the Hindu Son of God Krishna is portrayed as being dark blue.
And Mars is the mythical Son of God.
The Kachina dolls of the Hopi are usually red but sometimes blue.
That would fit Mars.
Kachina means bringer of life.
In former times Mars would recede towards Earth. He was the Coming Son of God and the Bringer of Life.
The last option would be something artificial.
Technology is way ahead of what is being revealed to the public.
The elite aristocracy have big plans in store.
They will create signs and wonders which will appear in the heavens.
Which will seem real.
A fake asteroid seems like a more credible choice.
A fake asteroid which will subsequently be blamed for planned catastrophic events.
That will bring in a new era.