Nexus is a cross dimensional gateway
A pathway to all other possible realities

Star forts were stargate portals
Connecting to other realms
By harmonizing water with crystals

Mirrors were used to allow entrance by entities
By utilizing mercury and monatomic gold

Magic lanterns are still used by the Oddfellows or IOOF
With smoke and mirrors to access the other world

CERN is failing in their attempt
To open the Abaddon Gate

The real space program is called SERPO
Originally called Project Crystal Night

It is an alien human exchange program
Where elemental beings are ushered in
To replace humans

When a body is prepared for alien inhabitation
It is called a Serpent Seed

Blood sacrifices are used to open portals in the Nexus

Roses are symbols of these human sacrifices
And are also used when a person is getting a new body

Universal law requires the making known of information
Of what will be done

But hardly anyone pays attention

When you place a limit on your potential
You quit living for yourself
But you start dying for someone else

The fruits of self awareness are sweet
And the consequences of being controlled are bitter

Embrace who you truly are
And speak your mind!