After the fall of Atlantis
Ancient advanced structures have been routinely demolished
Or passed away as insignificant and demoted
Such as the pyramids being regulated as burial chambers

Libraries containing vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom
That interconnected science and spirituality
Such as the famous Library of Alexandria
Were purposely destroyed

The Essenes were a sect devoted to keeping the ancient wisdom alive
They were keepers of the Law of One knowledge

They possessed holographic discs
The content of which could be transmitted onto crystals
These are known as the Lemurian Crystals and are hidden

We all have genetic time codes in our DNA
That is part of our identity

It is said the Essenes were incarnated from the future
That they were genetically key coded
Passing through specific demographic gates

They were vegans and had a deep reverence for all life
As well as a meaningful connection with the world

The discs contain knowledge of humanities star origins
And our original 12 strand DNA template codes

The discs also had complex math
For the building of technologically advanced architecture

They had information on consciousness alchemy formulas
And the mapping of stargates
As well as how to contact our higher stations of identity

The knowledge included the connection of living light and sound frequencies
And the transmutation and manifestation of energy
In the holographic matrix of our universe

Jesus was an Essene

They became the target of ongoing genocide
The females were spared but were taken hostage
For forced hybridization

Much of the hidden knowledge was passed on to the Cathars
Who eventually also were assassinated

Information that has survived has been twisted
Into the false belief control systems
That are the worlds religions of today

A pyramidal hierarchy was developed
With non humans as the capstone

Corrupt compliant individuals have been rewarded
And installed as authorities

While the rest have been dumb downed
Into a slave class!