The Serapeum located on the west bank of the Nile River about 30 miles from Cairo, Egypt near Saqqara is the most remarkable site you will ever find. It is an underground labyrinth carved out of solid bedrock. There are niches or caverns that deviate from the tunnels. In each room there are 70 ton granite boxes or giant rectangular shaped containers which also have 20 ton lids on top all carved out of the same piece of granite from Aswan, Egypt 500 miles away. They are cut and hollowed out with perfection  and polished very smoothly. The underside of the lid is exactly square with the vertical surface of the inside of the box and so it is perfectly parallel and fits on top precisely. And they were all somehow transported into each niche through the hallways that would barely accommodate the width of these approximately 90 ton granite cartons. Accomplishing all this is beyond our technology today.

In the Kings Chamber of the great pyramid as well as in the other two pyramids at Giza were found granite containers also, although much smaller.  These were the precursors to the building of the multiple granite cartons in the Serapeum which are about 4 meters (over 13 ft.) long and 2.5 meters (over 8 ft.) high. Granite which is exceeded in hardness only by diamonds consists of feldspar, quartz and mica. Cutting granite with diamond power drills would not produce the smoothness that is exhibited. The inside of these containers have a mirror-like finish. With the perfectly fitting lid an air tight vacuum is created.

These granular crystalline boxes have conductive properties which would produce a piezoelectric effect. And with the resonating vibration and sound being generated by power provided from Saqqara which features numerous pyramids, the transduction of biophotonic healing would be enhanced. This flawless engineering would also create insulating properties permitting the ionization of the air. Thus rejuvenation of tissues and amplification of consciousness were obtained through channeling of electrical energy via geometric structures and conductive material.

In Egypt the Atlanteans were at the height of their technological advancement. With this complex system of tunnels and the 90 ton boxes fitting tightly into each room the tall Atlanteans mastered the art of vibration and sound. They perfected the resonating of frequencies to such an extent that they could transport consciousness to different realities or dimensions and maybe even delve into other galaxies or time travel. They could ride on the wave of cosmic currents. This solves the mystery as to what happened to this highly advanced race of very tall people. The way giant skeletons were found in burial mounds by European settlers in America bespeak of this ability. They were found buried in circles with their heads pointing inward. They were also sometimes buried on top of each other vertically. Or sitting on chairs. Thousands were found on Catalina Island in the early 1900’s.

When a flare-up from Saturn occurred the circuitry of the pyramid complex became overloaded causing a huge voltage flash shutting off power and ceasing operations. This can be seen in exploded pyramids such as the Step Pyramid at Saqqara and exceedingly hard diorite being exploded to bits at Puma Punku. Also pyramids such as the Great Pyramid at Giza have interior areas which are blackened or burnt. The cataclysm happened suddenly and as a result many construction projects were left abandoned such as the Moai left in the volcano on Easter Island, the 1000 ton blocks on their way to the temple site in Baalbek Lebanon and the 1200 ton obelisk left in the quarry in Aswan. Many rock hewn temples in India as well as the rock cut city in Petra, Jordon were also left unfinished. There was also a granite coffin being transported into the Serapeum that did not get to its destination.
And as the sub-brown dwarf star which was Saturn drifted off into the heavens no more could it’s pulsating rays be utilized.

There are many more levels and areas of the Serapeum which are not being shown. The true nature of these kilometers long “impossibly built” series of subterranean tunnels cut out of the bedrock with precisely carved 90 ton rose granite boxes that were somehow levitated into adjoining caverns does not fit into official history and so is not is not in the curriculum of our educational system. When it is mentioned it is passed off as a burial place for sacred Apis bulls just like the purpose of the pyramids is purported to be a burial place for pharaohs. There was a much higher and profound intent involved.

The Apis Bull was created ‘with lightning by the gods’. Its celestial appearance was the result of the huge plasma discharge tube like structure referred to as the tree of life or cosmic mountain. With a large influx of charged particles the result would be a plasma instability with extensions at the top. This would be the origin of the Phoenix with its’ flaming feathers. The formation can also be seen in images of the Caduceus. And with Mars at the correct position the Bull of Heaven was formed. And this is the reason for bull worship in the Old Testament and in India today.

Do these highly evolved humanoids still have contact with our world? Yes.
If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration – Nikola Tesla. The most brilliant man in our age.
And isn’t death just another frequency and sleep another vibration?