Atlantis was a worldwide civilization
And pyramids are on all continents
It was one unified system

The pyramids were electromagnetic couplers
Balancing our energy
Enabling us to access other realms

They had canals with water running through them
Water is the wire to the ether

There were no deserts
The world had a uniform temperature
And humidity not rain watered everything

Our connection to the North pole and Antarctica were intentionally frozen

But we still can get out
By going underground

Or walking through portals
But we need to meet the vibration

Sasquatch are part animal and part plant
They can change their frequency
By consuming tree pitch
Which is the blood of the tree
And go in and out of realms

Trees are in every realm

Younger Sasquatch have to learn how to do it

In the later antiquity tech culture of the Tartarians
Bells were used to tune the system

Agenda 21 is for 2021

The agenda is to keep us in a cyber world
In a game of pretend
In an artificial state of consciousness
That resembles sleep

Redirecting our impulses
Focused only on our own gain
Indifferent to others

The agenda is also for alien entities
To become human

Demons cannot possess those
Who have not submitted to carnal desires
And where righteousness abounds

As it is now we can only see 1 percent of the light spectrum

If we utilized our pineal gland
And our brains to the full degree

We could walk out of this realm
Like Sasquatch!