We are deeply intertwined with the universal flow of energy
Quantum fields will duplicate your most potent vibration

Sounds colors smells numbers and symbols
Are all complex commands within the universal programming language
Resulting in the manifestation of desired outcomes

Language is a catalyst for transformation
Each incantation is a script that triggers alterations in the cosmic code
Chants hymns and mantras all have a unique frequency pattern

Bells are auditory commands that ripple through the simulation of reality
Echoing across the matrix of existence

Every color corresponds to a distinctive wavelength
Which accords to a specific vibration
Colors are used in esoteric rituals for their attributed symbolic meaning that impact the reality matrix

Fragrances introduce a distinct chemical code in the equation of reality
Aromatic inputs activate predetermined responses in the cosmic simulation

The fabric of life is made up of algorithms
Numbers determine the quantum code that forms plasma into geometrical shapes
Plasma formations when vibrating at a low oscillation rate manifests as matter

Numerology is the decoder for understanding the underlying principles of the fabric of reality
Binary codes are used to encode information of all kinds

Each movement gesture and rhythm in dance is a kinetic command in the celestial code
Symbolic sigil dance is a staple of occult practices

Fundamental elements that interface and manipulate the cosmic program
Are the keys to the grand programming of the universe!