We create a vortex as our energy emanates outward
A vortex is an energy pattern that assumes the shape of a torus

Vortexes are portals which are gateways connecting unseen multiple dimensions
And the hidden realms of existence

They are a conduit for the flow of energy and information
That underlies the fabric or reality

Our toroidal field sends out scalar waves
Which are carriers of information that instantaneously permeates all creation
Allowing for an immediate and profound impact on the fabric of reality

A spiraling toroidal pattern mirrors the inherent dynamism and fluidity of life
By harnessing the power of our toroidal field we gain the ability to shape our reality and manifest our intentions
Thus we hold tremendous power that will reverberate throughout the cosmos

The human vocal apparatus is an intricate arrangement
Of the larynx vocal cords and resonating chambers
It is a unique instrument that sends out the energy of speech

Each letter we pronounce has a corresponding energetic signature
The intention behind the sound combines with the physical mechanics of our vocal apparatus
Giving rise to a distinct toroidal pattern

Energetic currents flow through our words and our expressions
Making language a catalyst for transformation
It is a vehicle for the manifestation of our desires

The creative potential or our speech not only impacts our world but the lives of others
Positive intention contributes to the uplifting harmonious symphony of the collective consciousness

When we embrace the creative potential in our voice
We contribute to the harmonious dance of energy
That weaves through the tapestry of existence

There is a connection between the human voice and the fundamental structure of reality
Our voice is a conduit through which we interact with the energetic fabric of the universe

Our spoken words get imbued with the toroidal fields they manifest
When we infuse our words with intention it directs the flow of energy
That is in alignment with our desires

Through the active modulation of the vowel sounds
We become potent participants in the symphony of creation
Shaping our reality through the energetic currents we generate

When we do not get what we want
It is because so much of our wanting
Is living in the space in which we do not have

When we assume the feeling of a wish fulfilled
During all aspects of our everyday life
We will make our future dream a present fact
That which you feel yourself to be you are

When you live as if you are already in possession of that which you want
And it becomes your dominant feeling
Your desire will be realized
The attainment of your ideal will be absolutely inevitable

Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams
And endeavor to live the life that you have imagined!