When light and sound have similar frequency sequences
They create a plasma

If plasmas are similar in frequency they create new plasmas
We are made from the structure of the plasma field

You are the structure universe and the plasma quantum field
You vibrate your own timeline

Thoughts and emotions have light and sound frequencies
The resulting quantum plasma organizes into geometric patterns
Which is the reality you exist in

We can transform frequencies by consciousness into other realities
We can create a new hologram by holding a certain vibration

Fear drops our frequency and puts us on a negative timeline
Your higher self will then sabotage your hologram momentum to hopefully get you out of your delusions

If you separate from the heart
You will put yourself in a synthetic reality matrix with a synthetic timeline

You are a self fulfilling prophesy of your projection into the magnetic plasma quantum field
We are all in our own reality embedded in the collective

Be content with who you are and be at peace with yourself
We are a product of our choices that we make everyday

We are our own tuning forks
And we affect everyone we come in contact with

Our reality is our own geometrical music of vibrational energy
Be mindful of what you think

Everyone is tuned into their own reality show
Playing their own game and creating their own hologram
We can consciously manipulate our live video game simulation by tapping into the quantum field

The more your vibrational frequency rises
The more you are the creator of your own universe
And the more immortal you become

Humans are the most advanced living quantum biological vehicles that have ever been designed
With the capacity to go beyond the 12th dimension
The control of the quantum field is in our genetics

Your heart is the gateway to understanding
It is the seat of discernment and intuition
And tunes you into the Great Beyond!