Hollywood has an agenda
It is the selling of oneself to the beast system
And becoming synthetic

Hollywood stars are cloned synthetics
Who have transferred consciousness between bodies

Reptilian masters determine when they live and die

It is easy to deceive the public
Whose life is a complete deception

Humans who bow down to reptilian entities
Continuously reincarnate in new cloned bodies with human DNA
To achieve ascension

Celebrity wanna bees submit their DNA and sign a contract
To become an updated version of themselves

But each new body requires a greater sacrifice
They even sacrifice family members to gain more stardom

Hollywood is governed by a hierarchy of power

George Soros who owns CERN and The Ukraine
Increased his power by committing atrocious acts
Of torture rituals and blood sacrifices

And like other Jewish billionaires is now a reptilian
The Illuminati though has now become multi racial

All sacrifices which include Old Testament animal sacrifices
Reformation heretic burning and witch burning
Were to feed loosh or soul energy to off world entities

Thousands of women and young girls were burned tied to a stake in public
The real purpose was to gain power by feeding reptilian parasites tortured soul energy

During the Reformation thousands of others were put in torture chambers
Before being sacrificed

Human sacrifices and animal slaughterhouses both are alive and well today
Hidden behind closed doors in remote areas

The first human world was perfect
Advanced cultures used technologies to uplift the human consciousness

Now all areas of human civilization are under a hierarchy
And the masses are unable to think outside the limits that have been set for them

The vast majority cannot go beyond the veil of deception
Of the manufactured reality promoted in the news or written in textbooks

Where all the major events are planned in advance
With pre determined outcomes

Humans are walking zombies believing anything they are told by the power elite
Who control our fabricated reality
By offering themselves up to the reptilian invaders!