Of the 13 volcanoes in the Cascade mountain range that extends from British Columbia to Northern California, Mt. Adams in SW Washington is the second highest only to Mt. Rainier and second in volume behind Mt. Shasta. (Where my dog Shasta is from).
Mt. Adams is located in a vast remote area with over 61,000 acres of designated wilderness. In addition to that the Yakima Nation owns over 21,000 acres below on the eastern side.
Running right along the side of Mt. Adams and going about halfway up is the Pacific Crest Trail. It is 2659 miles long and runs from Canada to Mexico.
One summer day I was hiking on Mt. Adams along the Pacific Coast Trail with my friend Carrie and my dog Shasta. It is very picturesque with meadows containing wildflowers and streams of various sizes rushing down from the melting glaciers and the beautiful snow capped mountain. All of a sudden Carrie who was in front stopped and looked up the side of the mountain. She alarmingly said “Something is following us”! At the same time Shasta started barking incessantly as he frantically went around in a circle. He has never acted like that before or since in his 13 years of life.
Carrie said “Look something is behind that bush”. And she pointed. We both kept our gaze up there. The bush seemed to move ever so slightly but I wasn’t for sure.
I was curious and wanted to get a better look. I thought about walking up off the path to see what exactly it was. I said to Carrie “What could it be? A bear? A cougar? A person?”
We walked up a little farther but Shasta was still making a big fuss. Carrie pointed again and said ” Now it’s over there! It’s squatting down but it’s tall and it’s not a person!”
At that moment anxiety started to prevail because the idea of a Bigfoot came into my mind. I said “Could it be a Bigfoot? I was enthralled about being able to see one.
With that thought and the realization that there wasn’t any other hikers around we started to feel somewhat uneasy. The last hikers we saw was a nice German couple about an hour ago. And before that a guy named Rocky who was doing the whole Pacific Coast Trail.
Carrie wanted to get going but I managed to stall her for a minute or two. As I gazed up the mountain I got the feeling that it was a young male. I was not sure of its’ intentions. I think it was just being adventurous and cautious.
At Carrie’s insistence we turned around and eventually started to run. It followed us for a little while.
We kept up a good pace all the way back. We had gone pretty far and didn’t get to the car until right at sunset.
Bigfoot sightings are discounted for many reasons. People think there would have been one captured or shot and put on public view.
Back in 1884 a young Bigfoot was cornered and captured near Yale, British Columbia and kept in the local jail. They named him Jacko.
There was a Bigfoot who was shot and killed by a hunter in 1960 and referred to as the Minnesota Ice Man. He was kept in ice and put on display at many fairs and exhibitions during the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.
Recently in the Sierra Mountains in California two hunters encountered a Mother Bigfoot with her two children. They shot the Mother and when one of the juveniles rushed up to protest they shot him also. As with the hunter in Minnesota, the Sierra hunters were at first afraid of getting in trouble with the law for shooting something that was so much human. They left the bodies and raced home to Gold Lake not saying a word to each other except when they stopped to get a pack of cigarettes which they each had quit 6 months earlier. Later when they felt safe they started talking about the experience on the internet.
I am sure many others have been shot but like most sightings they go unreported. There have been thousands of accounts of sightings in newspapers and now there are many on the internet.
A one million dollar contest to tranquilize and capture a Bigfoot has sent trackers and hunters roaming the wilderness.
But with the increasing population of homo sapiens, the Bigfoot species has gone into very isolated locations and avoids humans.
The Native Americans were all familiar with them. The Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area native people called Bigfoot – Scweneyiti – which means Bad Smelling Tree Men.
British Columbia is now the biggest hotspot for Bigfoot sightings. Harrison Hot Springs and the remote area around Harrison Lake is perhaps the number one spot. Hope, BC where the movie Rambo was filmed is another place of frequent sightings. And Fraser Canyon with its’ steep rock gorges and many sub canyons is another one.
But a living human bipedal primate goes against accepted science because it does not fit into the theory of evolution. Why should science pursue something that goes against what they preach?
And the Bible doesn’t say anything about God creating a man-ape. Would it need a Savior also?
Videos then are regarded as hoaxes and the molded castes of footprints are viewed as fakes by people who do not want to believe.
But one thing that will not lie is DNA evidence.
Richard Stubstad, who has a masters degree in civil engineering and statistics from Cal Berkley decided to do just that after he talked to a cousin who was an ardent believer in Bigfoot at a family reunion. He agreed to read a book if the cousin would quit speaking about it. The last chapter in the book mentioned a need for DNA evidence. So he looked on the internet and found people who had hair samples and one who claimed he had a toenail of Bigfoot. He then searched for a reputable DNA expert and found Melba Ketchum who had worked on DNA evidence at the twin towers after 911.
He then had the tissue samples sent to her. The results: 2 pairs of the 740 pairs of mitochondria DNA that are studied in these kind of tests were unlike any other. So it was 99% human. The same embedded anomalies were repeated in each sample.
So they pursued it farther and did a nuclear DNA test which is a lot more complicated and involves both maternal and paternal DNA. More samples were gathered in from all over the country and the results were that the DNA did not fit any species of currently known animal and is not of any known human.
They knew now they were really onto something. Stubstad, Ketchum and Robert Schmalzbach – who was an engineering manager at AT&T Bell Labs formed a corporation. All three were skeptics turned believers.
More samples were gathered in and sent to 12 different university and state labs. The specimens included hair (some which were collected by wildlife biologists), a tooth, a toenail, tissue samples from bones, saliva, scat and even flesh taken from the ones shot by the 2 hunters in the Sierras. 111 samples in all.
This additional research gave them even more evidence. The labs were not informed of the identity of the specimens. They said that this DNA sequence with it’s single stranded gaps didn’t ally itself with any other known specimens of human. And that looking at the whole genome it was only 87% human. Ketchum was even told she had found a new species and so people at the labs inquired where she had got the specimens.
These complex nuclear tests also revealed approximate weight, sex, hair and eye color etc. It showed that the Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest are more massive than their counterparts in the Midwest, South or Eastern USA.
There was disagreement on how to proceed with all the information. Ketchum got visions of notoriety and money and wanted to get published in scientific journals using all this evidence. She got a lawyer who advised her to proceed without Stubstad and Schmalzbach – who is known as ‘Java Bob’ in the Bigfoot circles.
But Ketchum has been unable to publish her findings in any journal. She has faced a lot of criticism and personal attacks.
This is because a ‘new species’ doesn’t fit into accepted science. All claims that there are humans with ape like characteristics are being dismissed.
But the evidence for these hominoids is overwhelming.
They are humans with a sixth sense of an animal.
They are part human and part animal. Or on the border between human and animal.
They do have the ability to mate with humans.
The DNA also suggests that this humanoid is a result of a recent hybridization. In other words the creation of these bipedal human apes happened less than 10,000 years ago.
Science believes Neanderthals died out 30,000 years ago and there has been no other humanoid species around since then.
But in Indonesia on the island of Flores which is between Sumatra and East Timor there are tiny 3 foot tall hairy people called Ebu Gogo. They were seen frequently by the Dutch settlers starting in the 1600’s but now are rarely seen because they have been driven from their homes into remote areas. Bones from these little people have been found in caves. And on the island of Sumatra there are other small 3 foot tall hairy people. In Western Sumatra there is also a Bigfoot species called Orang Penduk. Sightings of this Bigfoot have been reported for over 160 years and hair and footprints have been recovered.
In China and SE Asia are many sightings. The Yeren in China, The Wildman of Laos, Mawas of Malaysia and the Rock Ape in Vietnam. This is the area where many teeth (and one jawbone) have been found and ascribed to a giant extinct ape – Gigantopithecus. In reality the teeth are from these different types of Bigfoot. Bones of Bigfoot are rarely found because bones decay quickly unless they are fossilized. The bones of earlier animals were fossilized because of intense radiation.
Yeren have reportedly been seen crying. They dry very similar to humans. After being captured a young Yeren started crying and was let go because the people felt sorry for him.
So whether it is called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Skunk Ape, Yeren, The Wildman, Rock Ape, Mawas, Tano, Teh-Ima, Orang Penduk or many of the Native American names such as Scweneyiti or many of the other names around the world it is the same sub species of humans.
If a living being is 3 feet tall or 10 feet tall, hairy or not hairy they are still sentient beings and should not be harmed. Sentient means having the power of perception by the 5 senses.
These beings are humans with animal characteristics.
All animals are sentient beings and thus should be treated with dignity and respect. Any life who feels pain and bleeds should not be killed or eaten. Any life that cries out in agony when it is shot, stabbed, or hit should not be harmed. Any animal that is caught in a trap or ensnared in a net or locked in a cage or chained and struggles to liberate itself is sentient and should be free. We are hypocrites practicing hate and discrimination towards beings with different DNA.
In the not too distant future powerful electric charges many times stronger than the biggest electrical storm may once again sweep across our skies changing DNA and creating new species.
Will we want to kill them also?