There are hundreds of flood myths from all over the world telling a common story and containing similar themes. And many times they have exactly the same portrayals which are contained in the Genesis account of Noah’s flood.
A Creator god warning of his desire to destroy mankind with a flood because of their iniquity. A great hero, righteous couple or devout man with three sons who has found favor with the Creator god and is instructed to build an ark, canoe or ship.
After many days of rain, the fountain of the deep is shut off or the windows of heaven are closed and the water starts to subside.
Birds such as doves, ravens, swallows and hawks are released to scout for land.
The boat comes to rest on top of a high mountain.
A rainbow is seen for the first time.
Life is replenished from the survivors on board the ark.
In the Epic of Gilgamesh Utnapishtim is warned of a coming flood and builds a boat with tar and pitch and brings along his relatives and animals. In Scandinavia it is the hero Odin who builds a boat to survive the flood. Deucalion and Pyrrha are the righteous Greek couple that God tells to build a boat. The East Indian tradition has King Manu building an ark. The Assyrians have Enlil along with his craftsmen building an ark. The Chinese have Fuhi and his three sons who are the builders of the ark. The Toltecs have a very pious man named Tapi building a canoe for the upcoming flood.
An Ark or Ship of Heaven has always been a common theme in ancient lore. The Polynesian god Tiki floated in his canoe. There was also the Babylonian Ship of Shamash. The Greek Ship of Odysseus. The ship of Helios sailed on the Sea of Oceanus. In Native American lore it is Raven or Coyote that navigates a Great Canoe across primeval waters.
These waters also known as the Sea of Neptune or Poseidon were celestial. They were the deep, dark, foamy, cloud-like atmosphere of Saturn. Mars being positioned in front of Saturn was the navigator. The Fountain of the Deep was a sustained plasma discharge or cosmic ray issuing forth from Saturn. And the celestial waters in the atmosphere of Saturn were “The Deep”.
The warning signs that the various creator gods gave before the flood was the build-up of these fluffy, billowy formations around Saturn.
The ship was a revolving crescent shaped projection upon the face of Saturn caused by the approaching Sun. The result was somewhat like the moon when it shows a crescent. In both cases the Earth is positioned in between two other celestial bodies and blocks out most of the light shining from the larger and brighter orb. Thus leaving a small portion of reflected light in the form of a crescent or ark.
That the ship of heaven revolved in a circle is evident from petroglyphs on rock and in holy religious symbols. The revolving ship is also in ancient manuscripts such the Egyptian Pyramid texts and Book of the Dead.
At its’ apex the crescent shaped ark is inverted. And when positioned at the sides the celestial boat is vertical.
The setting of Jason sailing the Argo with the Boreads (Sons of the North Wind) and various gods (the Argonauts) on board is this revolving crescent.
The North Wind is the sustained plasma discharge from Saturn. It was also referred to as a tree of life or world mountain. The Aztec hero couple Tata and Nena survived the flood and hid in a vast celestial tree. And in New Guinea it was the great Gobia Tree that provides shelter for the flood survivors. The Algonquian tribe portray the mighty tree as withered when their hero Nanabozho survives the flood.
The mountain in Genesis is of course Mt. Ararat. But in the Sumerian account Utnapishtim and his ark comes to rest on Mt. Nisir. The Greeks have the ark of Deucalion and Pyrrha coming to a halt on Mt. Parnassus.
The window, sluice and gates of heaven was the area that the plasma ray was centered on Saturn.
The planet Mars moved up and down this plasma discharge. Being an electrical dipole the water on Mars would be attracted to the highly charged plasma and be evaporated and thus sucked up into it. That is why Mars now has only trace amounts of (frozen) water.
But most of the water molecules in the cosmic ray was imparted by Saturn. Being a brown dwarf star, water would be one of it’s most common elements. And a sustained plasma discharge would have carried the water molecules outward from Saturn along this solar ray.
The discharge at some point was abbreviated and much of it fell to Earth. So after the heavenly flood a terrestrial flood occurred and it is said in some accounts that this is when the oceans became salty.
In mythical terms it was Saturn withdrawing his penis. This is why penis reverence is prevalent in many cultures who display it in huge sculptures and effigies. And also in smaller images that are put in sacred shrines.
This celestial ray had many different symbols such as a celestial ladder, a stairway or as the one leg of the Creator. The Hebrew creator god Jehovah is pictured on ancient sheckels standing on one leg.
When Mars was at it’s apex closest to Saturn it was seen as the ferryman who guided the ship over the celestial River Styx. These rivers were streamers being ejected from Venus and they formed a cross and they were the same thing as the four rivers of Genesis which sprang from one central source. The cross and 4 rivers were the same as the Native American tradition of 4 winds or 4 arrows which also emanated from one central source.
When the Greek creator God Prometheus warned the righteous Deucalion about the upcoming flood it was the same as Elohim warning Noah or the Babylonian creator God Enki warning Atrahasis and telling him to build an ark. It was also the same as the Sumerian god Ea warning Upnapishtim to construct a boat. These common stories could only occur because the inhabitants from all over the world were watching the same events in the theatre of the sky.
A particular culture’s history is not any more holy or inspired than any others. The population of the Earth did not descend from Noah and his three sons any more than it did from the Chinese Fuhi and his three sons.
Hiawatha had 3 daughters and he sailed in a great white canoe. A huge high flying multi colored bird (Venus) swooped down and caused panic.
According to the Old Testament the dimensions of Noah’s Ark would have been roughly that of the Titanic. That would have been far too big of a task. And it would have been by far the largest wooden ship ever built.
And how were the animals gathered up? Was it some sort of telepathic communication across the world?
The Ottawa tribe of North America describe a Great Canoe with pairs of all animals being rowed by a beautiful maiden (Venus) who lets down a rope (Saturn’s cosmic ray) and draws up the prophet (Mars) into the boat.
These impossible stories which have truth and meaning are taken literally in error. All the fantastic adventures of gods and heroes with superhuman strength have their origin in the starry sky. The planets were the gods. There have been no other gods but them.
The Sons of god mentioned in genesis 6 were the moons and planets of Saturn. Odin (Mars) has a battle with giants before he constructed the ark. The Sons of god were the planetary giants in the sky. They were not the race of giants on the Earth who made the wandering Hebrews look like grasshoppers.
The gods appeared in colossal form in the sky being in close proximity to the Earth.
In the primordial sky which had no resemblance to what our sky looks like today astronomical occurrences got turned into religious belief with fantastic claims but with hidden truth. The Gods were brought down to Earth and became great and holy men. Their plasma interactions and formations which were described as heavenly mountains and celestial rivers eventually were believed to be places on Earth.
As the Saturnian system drifted closer to the sun, the much bigger sun produced an electrical repulsion that resulted in Saturn with his family of moons departing to distant realms while ‘promising no more to flood the Earth’.
For the first time light from the new sun brought about the appearance of a rainbow.
No more did our true sun and creator god Saturn shed it’s vitalizing life-giving ultraviolet rays upon the Earth and our world ceased “to give in it’s abundance”. Climatic extremes and food shortages resulted and also the belief that we were given permission to eat other living beings. But we were never meant to, our bodies are not designed to and there is no need to eat them now.
Planet Earth changed but survived settling on a new orbit. And a New Age began.
The flood was a celestial flood. The ark was a celestial crescent. The mountain that the ark rested upon was a celestial mountain. Noah was a celestial planet (Mars). The 4 rivers or 4 winds were celestial emanations from Venus. To try to make any of them out to be of earthly origin is a futile endeavor.