Ukranian President Zelensky is an actor and comedian
He was promoted by the billionaires who own Ukranian TV
If that does not throw a red flag in your face
I do not know what will

Some old buildings do get blown up for the news

The entire Aleutian campaign of WW2 was faked
The leaders of Japan and Germany were in on it

The military is lending its tech to Hollywood
So that the paid pimps on TV
Can support the latest fake

The New World Order and the Great Reset
Have about zero support outside the elite

Elon Musk and Bill Gates are puppets

The earth is a motionless level plane
It is not racing around the sun
Nor is it spinning at 1100 miles per minute

There is no magic gravity holding water down
Water does not curve
It finds its level
The earth is 70 percent water
Therefore the earth does not curve

Every continent has plains that extend for hundreds of miles
So there is no globularity
And no 8 inch curve per mile

Crepuscular rays of the sun show that it is small and close
Mercury Mars and Venus are not round solid objects as depicted by NASA
The are flickering spinning plasma
Like the stars only close

The stars return to their exact position every year
Therefore the earth cannot be racing through space

If Venus is 25 million miles on one side of the earth
And Mars is 140 million miles on the exact opposite side
Then they should not be seen together in the night sky

Australians are not standing upside down

And the sun and moon travel above the earth
Just as they appear to do

If the atmosphere was rotating with the earth
There could be no standing fog

And if gravity was real balloons could not fly up

Believing a scientist just because the person is a scientist
Is not science it is religion

Believing a politician newscaster or what you see on TV
Is also not a smart thing to do!