Vril energy is an invisible force
High emotional states empower Vril

According to the level of Vril attunement
It can be harnessed or weaponized

Reptilians search for such individuals

Reptilians have created Vril implants
The ones who have these
Are called Black Skulls

They have also created what are called Vril worms
Which have the consciousness of a reptilian entity

When it is inserted inside a person
The reptilian takes over their brain and body
And becomes that person
This is called Soul Scalping

If someone starts to be famous
This small serpent is put into them by force
By Men in Black

This results in a black eye
That appears from time to time

Anybody who is anyone
Is in the Black Eye Club

This is why it is said
Shapeshifting reptilians run Hollywood
As well as the Satanic music industry

And this is why the elite eat children
But do not like to talk about it

We exist as a projection of ourselves
As Source Light hits and transmits
Our individual dark crystal

Once people become aware
That they are the Creator
We can make any world we want
Any positive world

Because this reality is like a
Computer graphic illustration
And we have a prototype existence

Anything you can do to make yourself better
Makes the universe better!