Our atmosphere contains hydrogen and helium
Oxygen nitrogen neon argon and other gases

Argon which makes up 1 percent of the atmosphere
Is the reason the sky is blue

Just trace amounts are needed
To sway other gases to fluoresce blue

Ushuala Argentina is our worlds southernmost city
It is just below the 54th southern latitude

During December every year
It receives over 17 hours and 20 minutes of daylight

It is then that our small sun
Is in its outermost southern circuit
Along the tropic of Capricorn

Ushuala also has the shortest day in the summer solstice
When the small sun is in its northernmost circuit
Along the Tropic of Cancer

The sun in its annual spiral journey from tropic to tropic
Steadily increases altitude and speed as it reaches its southern peak
During the winter solstice

The sun steadily decreases altitude and speed
Until it reaches its farthest northern point
During the summer solstice

Light is created by ionizing the air
Different colors are produced when different elements are ionized

Extensive concentrations of elements will cause the sky to illuminate longer
That is why Ushuala gets extended hours of daylight
Even after the sun starts its northern journey

The concentration of the elements there
Is probably the result of the descending dome

Our earth is an enclosed stationary horizontal sea
With high planes and mountains above the sea level

We have an extensive underground water supply
The tides are created by the pulsations of the Axis Mundi
That is why the Great Lakes have no tides

Geysers and other geothermal features are from the cyclic rhythms of the magnetic center
The plasma energy travels through ley lines

The fake heliocentric model is to brainwash the public
To limit our consciousness and put us in a virtual reality

So that we do not connect to our real soul
Making us easy to control
And thus easy to exploit!