Americans love their dogs. They are our best friends. We bond with them quickly and they become a part of the family. There are laws preventing the harming of dogs in any way.
But in other cultures dogs are looked upon as food. They are stuffed into cages and then killed in some horrendous way. In China there’s even dog eating festivals and so Americans go over there and protest. The Chinese call us crazy hypocrites. Why? Because we do the same thing to other animals that they do to dogs. For instance, we stuff pigs in cages showing them no compassion their whole lives and then send them to the slaughterhouse where they are killed in some horrific manner. And we do that to many different kinds of animals.
What is the difference between a dog and a pig? Pigs are more intelligent while dogs are usually thought of as being cuter. Both can be loving and loyal companions. Both want to be free, run around, play and be happy. They desire to be loved and respected.
And it is the same way with cows, goats, lambs and the many wild animals which we kill.
I hear people say they have no feelings for animals. Yet they love their pet dog so they do have the capability to bond with animals and treat them with kindness.
When someone stops to admire my dog Shasta I sometimes say “Oh you’re real good with dogs. Do you love other animals too?” If they mention other pets they’ve had I say “That’s great! We should extend our love to all animals and quit eating them. None of them want to die.”
Both myth and religion agree there was a time in history when humans and animals lived together in peace and harmony. And then a worldwide cataclysm occurred which caused food to become more scarce. Eating animals became a way to compensate for the lack of sustenance. But the fact that we were never meant to eat animal flesh is obvious because meat has no enzymes which makes it hard to assimilate it into our bodies.
Now that we have plenty of healthy plant based options why are people still eating meat?
Any religion worth a grain of salt, any moralistic society or any evolved spiritual person would tell you it is wrong to cause suffering upon another living being for ones momentary pleasure.
Children, when they see a pig, cow or chicken want to treat them with care. Their impulses are not to harm or devour them. It is later when our minds are programmed to view certain animals as food or unworthy of our respect that we accept the belief that it is OK for them to suffer and die.
Up until the age of seven much of the information we receive gets stored in the subconscious and becomes the substructure for our reality. While the biggest influences outside the home is the media, education system and religious institutions. When we don’t question what they tell us, we allow our minds to be indoctrinated with their beliefs, downloading it all just like a computer.
The media uses manipulation and mind control techniques developed by Edward Bernays whose uncle was Sigmund Freud and who is known as the father of public relations. His approach was that people are easily persuaded by appealing to their irrational emotions. He was able to tremendously increase cigarette sales for tobacco companies by getting women to smoke. He called cigarettes ‘torches of freedom’ and promoted the idea that women were more powerful and independent by smoking. He then was employed by many other major companies. Their advertisements appeal to our primal desires, playing on peoples greed, selfishness and envy in order to sell products. They capitalize on our primitive emotions using fear to turn citizens into irrational beings. Ideas are suggested, minds are molded and tastes are formed.
The meat, dairy and egg industries follow this pattern. Using clowns with big smiles to hide the suffering that is the basis of their products. They promote lies concerning health and nutrition to mask the true reality of the sickness they cause.
When we are sitting in front of the TV our minds are in a state of suggestibility similar to a hypnotic trance and so the information we receive bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly into the subconscious. Even when conscious thought is resisting something, if it is heard often enough it will eventually be accepted as truth.
A lot of our beliefs then are derived from our subconscious mind which a lot of times does not operate on common sense or logic but follows habits, emotions and survival instincts. This makes us behave mechanically like an automaton following subconscious thoughts implanted by others and ignoring our own intuition. In other words brainwashing occurs.
But with the internet the reality of how animals are treated is easily accessible and can plainly be seen. There’s a plethora of information that disproves the lies about how we need to eat animal flesh for protein or amino acids. Plants provide plenty of protein. Gorillas are vegan – look how strong they are.
And when one opens their mind they will wake up to the deception that calcium in cow’s milk is necessary for strong bones and teeth because the opposite is true. In order to digest cow’s milk, calcium gets depleted from our bodies. Cow’s milk is meant for baby cows not humans.
One will also realize the many health conditions from consuming the saturated fats and cholesterol along with the prolific amount of bacteria in the animal carcasses.
The profit motive by the meat industry at the expense of animals and our health is obvious and a vegan diet is now being promoted by more and more health experts. The reality that our future will become a plant based eating society is starting to show and veganism is growing at an exponential rate.
The war for our minds though is still being fought. But animals are not food. They are living breathing souls and expressions of creation just as we are. They can think, feel, hope, desire, play and love like we do.
Associations that you connect to concepts form your beliefs and is the program that determines your reality. We have been mislead into associating eating animals with fun and health when in reality it is the industry of suffering and death. How would you like it if you were crammed into a small cage or chained up all your life? How would you like to be thought of only as food? You would cry “This is bloody murder!” You would scream “This is insanity!”
Take control of what you think. Have self empowering thoughts that promote life, positive energy and beauty. Your thoughts are like streams of vibrating currents and it has been shown that positive emotional energy from our thoughts makes beautiful crystals in water and negative thoughts of callousness and death create ugly patterns. You not only attract what you think you become what you think.
Beauty is enhanced by a harmonious existence with animals. Ugliness and death is advanced by eating them.
If a belief no longer serves us we need to delete it and install an update becoming a new version of ourselves. A version that promotes beautiful beliefs and sends out positive energy. One that incorporates the well-being of other species in our daily decisions. One that honors nature and treats the world with respect. One that cultivates self-love by advocating nutrition. One that supports the idea that the body, mind and soul are interconnected. One that elevates us with higher thoughts. One that empowers us to vibrate at higher frequencies. And one that enables us to reach out, expand and evolve.