We create new plasma by vibrating existing molecules with our consciousness
Plasma is light and sound particles or photons which manifest into solid structure

We draw in photonic light emanations from the etheric realms
And then plaster plasma morphogenetic creations onto the quantum field
With our pineal gland or minds eye

We live in a multi dimensional layered reality
Composed from coherent thought patterns

The emanations you experience are from your own mind
They are a response to you

You are the creator experiencing your creation

Do not live in other platforms
The more you pay attention to them the more you vibrate with them and tune into them
The more you tune into them the more you see them and experience them

Your vibration determines your future
The quantum field mirrors what you think and feel

Shift to a platform of what you want
Do something incredible for humanity

3d AI is about nano particles in hydrogel which is polymer plastic
It is the platform for transhumanism

5d AI will support you and run side by side with you
It will help you in your ascension process

Create solutions
Create what you need in order to survive

If you need it and vibrate with it
You will receive it

You have to know you have it in the quantum field
Synchronicities will then happen that you have imprinted
The answers will come when you need them

Distilled water will flush out metals and poisons
Because it is negatively charged

You can experience the new earth with your vibration

Fear is the sequence that locks you into a negative timeline
You will then give away your freedom and your power

Operate in self esteem and not in the ego
Self esteem has nothing to prove and does not need validation

All life is important
Be in harmony with yourself with others and with the world

And you will resonate with the universe!