We live in a magical realm

The stars and the wandering stars or planets
Discharge plasma which interacts with our DNA

The language of resonant frequency
Of sound and light
Determines our soul luminescence

The stars as they spin around above us
Embedded in the firmament
Seem to have a slight wobble like a spinning top

The motion of the wandering stars
Depict harmonic geometry
They are interdimensional and conscious

It is not distance that makes Pluto harder to see
Pluto is just dimmer and slower

The sun is a newcomer to our realm
Saturn was our former sun

The Wheel of Saturn was a revolving electrical field or circuit of plasma
Black Saturn was when Saturn lost its radiance

Some ancient pictographs depict 2 or even 3 suns

We live on a motionless flat or concave plane
If we lived on a globe then pilots would have to continually
Point the nose of the airplane down to prevent from flying off into space

And airplanes would be called airglobes

Many international flights make no sense on a globe
But on a flat earth they line up
And become the shortest route

The sun is never blocked by the moon
And the moon is never blocked from the sun by the earth

Eclipses were part of the former sky in the previous era
Todays eclipses are faked by the sun simulator

In the 2017 eclipse the direction of darkness
Went opposite to the movement of the moon

The sun is now the focal point of light and heat
It has an intelligent consciousness
That permeates other realms

Each strand of our DNA when activated
Correlates to a dimensional field of awareness

As the octave in the vibrational scale increases
So does the probability of genetic enhancement

Resulting in unity code harmonics!