You have incredible power to change your reality
But you have to nurture your energetic intuitive forces

Crystals and gemstones hold information
They offer powerful enhancing energies
That will heal emotional blockages and help you to overcome self limiting beliefs

Water holds memory
We can insert positive energetic frequencies in water with a focused mind

The memory of our precious earth is encased in stones
This was done by highly conductive plasma in energetic discharges

The giant selenite crystals in Mexico
Is where mega lightning interfaced with powerful currents in the earth

Pyramids were also built on energetic ley lines
They harnessed the earths energy and distributed the frequencies that resonated life giving properties

The encapsulated energy in stones go into our DNA
Purple amethyst will inspire you and align you to your destiny
Blue topaz will promote tranquility and self expression

If you resonate with a powerful stone
It will be a gateway to a higher frequency which will intersect into other realities

Lightning strikes are going on all over the world at any given moment
The earth receives encoded information from these powerful plasma incursions
Lightning strikes actually originate in the upper atmosphere called the ionosphere

In the same way our minds are producing electrical discharges
That change synapse responses in our brain and enlighten our being

When we resonate with the earth the ambient frequency is received by our pineal gland
Which is in the front center of our head
The pineal gland is composed of about 30 percent magnetite

Our brainwave frequency is in sync with the earth during the alpha state
Which is characterized by calm and relaxed alertness
The alpha state of 7-13 hertz is the optimum state of mind

We attune ourselves to higher frequencies of the carrier waves from the aether
And connect ourselves to the quantum potential of the Plasma Source Field
By becoming one with Mother Earth!