We are never going back
Everything will change
There will be a new set of rules.

90 percent of people will accept what they’re told
7 percent will question things once, twice or maybe a few times
But then go back to their comfortable fantasy world.

Only about 3 percent will speak up
But for the most part what they say will fall on deaf ears.

When one is parked in front of the television
Their mind is in a state of receptivity
Similar to a hypnotic trance.

When inundated with propaganda
The brain will intake it all
But it will go straight to the subconscious.

Bypassing the skeptical conscious mind
And no matter how absurd
It will be accepted as truth.

Selfie vaccines are coming
They will alter the DNA forever
And hook up our minds to a computer.

They will contain as they do now aborted human babies
But this time add humanized mice
Who have human blood and organs.

They will contain spermacide
Which will sterilize you.

They will also contain nano particles with hydrogel
That will assemble inside of you
Then fuse into your tissues and grow.

Hard lockdowns are coming
Military enforced martial law
And over 7 million drones to be released to spy on everyone.

In May they say there will be a big increase in the spread of the Corona virus
At the same time there will be Comet Atlas
Whose closest approach is supposed to be May 23
Is there a connection?

During the Middle Ages comets were frequently coming and going and exploding
They were described as being as large as the moon
And as bright as the sun.

With accompanying:
Preceded by flashes of light
And volcanoes.

The bursting of crackling noise in the clouds
Lava oozing out of the ground
And the discharge of subterranean vapor.

Tempests and tsunamis
Extreme weather
Disease and famine.

Comets are technology from a prior civilization
They can emit high frequency radiation
Which can cause these calamities.

Or at least be blamed
When other methods are used in tandem.

What we are starting to experience now is nothing new under the sun
It has been going on for many hundreds of years
Whenever our half reptilian controllers who live hundreds of years
Decide there are too many humans.

Every once in awhile they assume a new identity
Or if need be they will transport themselves
Into a clone.

The Bill Gates clone is rattling off
How everyone needs to be vaccinated
To accomplish depopulation.

People are already clamoring for a vaccine
It is sort of spooky how mind controlled they are.

Some comets illicit aggressive behavior
The 1573 comet caused people to go berserk
And kill each other.

A certain frequency will accomplish this.

The 1994 massacre of the Tutsi and Twa pygmies
By the Hutus
Is portrayed as an aggressive and extremist tribe annihilating a million peaceful people.

But what is never mentioned is at the same time in Rwanda white people massacred each other
All this was the result of the unleashing of high frequency microwaves upon the population.

Comet Atlas is supposed to be as bright as the moon
And blue
Matching the last Hopi prophesy of the appearance of the Blue Kachina
At the end of the current age.

This prophesy was added in the early 1900’s
But why is the Hopi the only Native American tribe receiving these revelations?

Is Kachina code for kill all China?
Is Comet Atlas code for At Last?
At last the new world order has arrived.

Are the 20 some huge vacant cities in China
Built for the forced evacuations of people from various countries?

The elite of this world have access to high technology undisclosed to the public
They control events while making the masses think it is all an act of unpredictable nature.

They can peer into the future
Did not Albert Pike back in the 1880’s say there will be three world wars?

When the vaccinations take their effect
Everyone will be changed.

Since this change is the result of science
Humans will be patented
And will be charged to live.

Americans be forced out of rural areas and small towns.
And be forced to live in the radiated big cities with smart dust
And 5G hitting our oxygen molecules.

When Vietnam vets came home they didn’t so very well.
They were traumatized.
And unable to hold down a job
They became homeless in the streets of Santa Monica.

But they also were sick from Agent Orange.
Which is basically what is now sprayed down upon the laser initiated fires.
The same lasers that melted cars and reduced homes to ashes in Santa Rosa and in Southern California.
While not touching the nearby trees.

Will we become like Vietnam vets?
And also the Gulf War veterans?
Who were sick from chemical poisoning.

Restaurants are history.
You will be given rations.
Of a synthetic diet.

Soon you must have your digital ID on your fingertip.
In order to purchase your synthetic rations.

Since many people are losing their jobs
There will be massive mortgage failure
And the housing market will crash.

Mortgage is a nice word for debt pledge.

About half the renters cannot pay their rent.

It is all by design.
And has been planned out for many years.

Trump said the Border Wall will be highly guarded because of drug smuggling
The real reason is to keep Americans from fleeing south of the border.
Into the heart of the jungle.

Whenever religion starts spouting off a little too many miracles
Maybe it’s time to be a little skeptical.

Be positive!
When you are positive towards other life
You raise your vibration and theirs.

When you are positive
Your vibration will affect your circumstance
In a positive way!