We are under the control of an artificial magnetic field
Broadcast from the moon matrix
That controls physical matter and produces molecular compaction
For the purpose of suppressing and enslaving human consciousness

The moon is an artificial satellite used as a base in close proximity to our earth plane
To monitor humans and harvest their energy

Working in cooperation with CERN black hole technology
It opens wormholes and creates hibernation zones for alien entities

It generates dense energy causing miasmic conditions in humans
Such as apathy confusion and depression
Disconnecting us from our true light source

It creates dark energy so entities can move around easier
And become active on the earth
Using us as an energy source
And desiring to possess our bodies

The moons frequencies make AI transmissions and signaling to the masses much easier

The ability to encode energy is inherit in human DNA
Our DNA consciousness is required to power up alien technology
Which in turn keeps human molecular structure compacted and compressed

Causing a dense stagnation which feeds our negative ego and selfishness
And ignorant of higher sensory forces
Therefore totally controllable

During a full moon more miasma is transmitted creating states of lunacy
Subconscious fears and unresolved emotional conflicts surface

Because a full moon intensifies dark forces
It is conducive for black magic and occult rituals that have negative intentions

Many random people also try to capitalize on this phenomenon
Creating even more dark energy
And psychic aggression on light filled people

As we move into the next Harmonic Universal Time Matrix
Causing the electromagnetic field to shift into less dense matter
And as organic interstellar links resonate to earths energy vortices and power grids
The Universal Balance is reconfiguring and correcting itself
Adjusting to the Law of Structure

Realigning with dormant earth portals
Many of which are located at megalithic structures
Making communication systems to come online

Our realm is merging with Eternal Source Layers of higher consciousness
Wich is merging with our material atomic body
That encloses our Lightbody or soul

Reducing the effectiveness of alien technologies used to control our electromagnetic field
Leading to Reptilian desperation

And restoring our original blueprint of atoms and molecular light

As glittering opalescent rainbow pearl energies weave through atmospheric layers
They form a beautiful tapestry of flowing currents
That hold instruction sets for the re encryption and spiritualization
Of our new elemental bodies

Neutralizing blood lines inherited from alien hybridization
And healing toxicity and miasma in the blood recorded as reversals
Returning us to the freedom of interdimensional travel

And freeing the souls of Tara which were fragmented into consciousness remnants
Which have been stuck in the lower dimensions

They are being reconstructed and transmitted out of their shackles that were imposed upon them
And are now free to achieve their highest expression and true nature!