It is absolutely imminent that we are moving towards a new golden age
An age of heightened polarity and incredible purification
Leading to a state of oneness

In previous golden age when the Enneads or Council of 9 swam through the plasma sea of Saturn
And the daughters of Venus were seen as mermaids

The people on earth used sharped edged swords to keep electricity away
And the real use of cannons was to send out electromagnetic impulses

We now have white orbs zipping through the sky
And trains of light called starlinks that move slow with no sound

Red lights are also being seen that are pulsing and rotating
And mysterious red flames that are swirling in the sky
They are close and spinning in a clockwise direction

Because negative frequencies cannot hold the vibration of higher realms of existence
The psychopathic occultic elite will make one last ditch effort to hold onto power

They believe the Lord of the Sabaoth
Which was Saturn and his heavenly host in the former era
Needs a blood sacrifice

A psyop is a modern day ritual of blood sacrifice on a grand scale
Midpoints or equinoxes is the season for sacrifice in the occult

The path of the sun in relation to the earth and stars determines the zodiac house
There are 12 zodiac signs and each one houses the sun for a month

The equinoxes are of equal night and day
The solstices are the positions where the sun has reached its furthest point in the southern and northern hemispheres
Which are also the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer

The Tropic of Capricorn is at 23.5 degrees south latitude
The Tropic of Cancer is at 23.5 degrees north latitude

The spring equinox is on March 20 or 21
The number of Skull and Bones which is the occultic order of death is 322 or March 22

March 22 is when the sun has fully entered the northern hemisphere
The northern hemisphere is where most all the people are

I was just informed that 6 11 or June 11 is the planned date of manufactured cataclysms
Which makes sense because 6 is the occultic code for 9
So it will be another 9 11

The earth does not travel around the sun
The sun is small and travels over the earth just like it appears to do

Part of the elitist agenda is to cause a blackout of the grid
This will be blamed on a solar flare

A gigantic solar flare or corona mass ejection just occurred
Or so they say

They also say meteorites have just recently hit the earth
And show pictures of a black rock with no impact crater

The comet C/2023 is supposed to be rounding the sun right now
Is this the one that is supposed to crash into the ocean
Setting off volcanoes and causing tsunamis

These stories are to put massive fear in us
And keep us in a low vibrational state
Just like the Covid 19 psyop

If we vibrate with this fear porn
We will project negative events into our reality

Do not consent to the manipulation
Hold your vibration at a high level

And reach for the stars!