Bromelain is a protein digesting enzyme derived from pineapple
It will dissolve the spike proteins which are a result of the jab
If taken with Acetylcysteine or NAC the effects are enhanced

When the synthetic mRNA carried by lipid nano particles enters the body it replicates itself
And orders cells to create spike proteins
These proteins will cause the folding and distortion of other proteins rendering them inoperative

The misfolded proteins called prions aggregate and their fibers will accumulate and grow
These protein amyloids will clot and restrict blood flow and oxygen

Bromelain will dissolve the fibers of the accumulated folded proteins
It is also an effective treatment for osteoarthritis
NAC and colloidal bismuth will inhibit Covid replication

Damar Hamlin did not make a miraculous recovery
The Buffalo Bills are 100 percent vaxxed
The reason why this young healthy athlete had a heart attack
Is because of prion aggregation

The NFL is now involved in a big cover-up
What was brought forth as a healthy Damar Hamlin
Was a shadowy silhouette of a shady character at a distance

When a person has a heart attack
They are typically in the ICU for 2 or 3 weeks and hooked up to tubes
After that are very debilitated

Damar Hamlin supposedly shows up next week at the Bills Bengals game
Waving his arms and cheering on his team
He did not talk to the Press and we did not hear him speak

Professional and college coaches are typically Freemasons
Who are under the control of the higher level Illuminati

There is a gag order on the Buffalo Bills team
Not to talk about anything relating to the incident

In Damar Hamlins twitter account it says cloned
Athletes are being cloned at an ever increasing rate

Professional athletes celebrities and politicians have a following of a multitude of millions
When someone reaches a certain amount of fame they are replaced and cloned to brainwash the public
They are rolled off the assembly line with synthetic transgenic human genes

This is like the movie Weekend at Bernie’s
Where Bernie dies and a big effort was undertaken to cover it up

This is also like the Tiffany Dover story
She was a nurse who collapsed after taking the vax and was never heard from again

Damar Hamlin is another died suddenly being swept under the rug

Get your Bromelain and NAC and take it now!