Every earth inhabitant
Which includes animals and insects
Has an energetic interface

That receives processes and transmits information
Through electrochemical signals in neural networks

The neurological system of the earth
Is its complex grid network
Referred to as ley lines

Our electro spiritual bodies connect to the earth
And to the multidimensional layers
That make up the electromagnetic field
Above our earth plane

In this way all life is connected to each other

As our brain expands its frequency
Dormant parts are activated
And our heart complex center is stimulated

We are a heart brain feeling intelligence
Our souls experience and feel energy

When we sincerely dedicate ourselves to bio spiritual healing
We ignite plasma coding within our neurological system
Transfiguring our consciousness

When we align to our spiritual purposes
We grow into feeling empathy for all living beings
This is intrinsic for an authentic and balanced human

When we anchor into our divinity
We will feel palpable changes at the very deep cellular level

And as we transition into and align with new energy fields
We connect to our multidimensionality!