Newborns that have a parent
Who have taken the jab
Will be a borg baby
Hooked up to AI and The Cloud

If graphene oxide and nano particles
Are in the egg or sperm
It will be in the baby

A borg is a hybrid

People are also getting graphene oxide up the nose
In so called Covid tests

The jab is also a sterilization injection
It infects the body with polypodium
Which eventually goes into the egg sac
And eats the ovum

Sexual intercourse will sterilize women
If the man has gotten the shot

Polypodium will also attack sperm

And sex can also make one blue tooth compatible
If their partner has gotten the jab

The elite are trying to take us out
Before we find out what is really going on
And take them out

But they know that most people cannot handle the truth

If one has taken the jab
They need to go on immediate extreme detoxification programs
Otherwise their average lifespan will only be a few years

The jab is a human genome project gone live

Some countries especially those in Africa
Are not buying into it
Hardly anyone there is taking the jab

And everyone there is healthy
Except those who have taken the jab

But also they are not being targeted
Like America Canada Australia and European countries

Extensive cloning is being done underground
And the plans are to bring them onto the surface
At the appropriate time

Many clones are now in power positions
And hardly anyone realizes it

Clones cannot replicate
And are a dead end
They signal the extinction of our species

Advanced anti life forces have been around for a long time
Body snatching goes way back
So does Frankenstein experiments

Mummification and the putting of organs into canopic jars
Was to prevent reanimation

Mosquitoes originally were only coconut pollinators
They have been genetically altered to be blood suckers with flying syringes

We cannot be free until we see the truth

If we do not see the world as it is

If we do not recognize false belief systems
Which give us context of how we interact with the world

We will not heal ourselves physically spiritually psychologically or emotionally!