In 1835 the story went out that the moon had temples
At which upright beavers and man bats practiced fornication
As part of their religious beliefs

It is said that 90 percent of people believed it
Things have not changed too much

In 1969 people believed President Nixon talked to the Apollo astronauts
Who were supposedly getting close to the moon which is supposedly 239,000 miles away
He used his land line and did not even need a cell phone tower

In 2001 people believed that a mostly aluminum airplane driven by terrorists who have never flown an airplane
Could penetrate inside a steel and concrete building and then vaporize
And that this caused the World Trade Center buildings to fall hours later

In 2023 people believe that the nearest star Alpha Centauri is 25 trillion miles away
That the sun is 93 million miles away
That we are on a spinning ball racing through space
And that there is an invisible deadly virus everywhere

Thoughts have specific frequencies
Which form geometric patterns
That produce a hologram

The hologram bilocates you into that reality which you teleport

You print into the quantum structure codes by your thoughts
Everything that has that code will come to you

There are limitless possibilities of what you can project

You can project yourself into sub realities which are very hard to get out of
And in which are very difficult to access your higher self and Source Energy

We are told not to believe what we see with our eyes and what we sense with our intuition
But are indoctrinated into believing what we are told

Presidents are not elected but selected privately
They are part of the cabal
Which is all about power and control
Who use falsities to warp our minds and suppress our soul

We are divine beings that can access higher realms
We have the ability to create positive realities
By projecting them into the quantum field

Do not consent to the manipulation of lies
Do not believe in todays versions of man bats and upright beavers!