Sex and love is a bridge to the great beyond
In a divine union you will encounter unity infinity and oneness

The experience of being one
Unites us with our own multidimensional soul

The chakras and meridians open
To allow the free flow of energy

Everyone has a different attitude towards intimacy
The best way to learn is to experiment

Orgasm has an extraordinary creative force
It is a tool for manifesting what one imagines is possible

What you focus on with feeling
Is what you are trying to manifest into this reality

During orgasm the vaginal walls and the muscles of the uterus contract
Energy is accumulated and sent out in a supernova of creative excitement

A more powerful orgasm will lead to feelings of euphoria
The flood gates open and channels of unrestricted source energy flows
You touch the infinite and access the non physical
It is a doorway to enlightenment

Explosive orgasms are best for manifestation
Healing energy expands within you and your body regenerates

Endorphins are released and you go into a deep state of surrender
You feel conscious of being one with your partner
And you are propelled to a deep state of peace

Allow your love life to flower
When you suppress and restrict your sexuality it is a life half lived
Break out of the confines and experience what is best for you

Embracing sex should be part of your spiritual path!